Construction far from over at Ogden River redevelopment area

Tuesday , April 10, 2018 - 5:15 AM

OGDEN — While a major segment of the Ogden River redevelopment project will wrap up this summer, construction there is far from over.

Brandon Cooper, Ogden’s deputy director of Community and Economic Development told the city council last week the final phase of construction on The Meadows at Riverbend town homes will be finished sometime this summer.

Located near the intersection of Grant Avenue and Park Drive — just north of 20th Street — the town homes represented the first chunk of new housing on the 60-acre, city-incentivized redevelopment ground now known as Riverbend

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For years the area was mostly vacant and dilapidated, but it now includes the town homes, a set of apartments and several restaurants and retail shops.

Located just north of the Ogden’s central business district, the redevelopment area was created in 2002 by city council action. When the city establishes an RDA, it allows developers to receive tax increment financing, a redevelopment mechanism that pumps tax revenue increases back into a particular project area.

The money is often used to help finance projects and pay for property acquisitions and maintenance. According to city council documents, the Ogden River RDA can receive TIF until 2027.

As The Meadows near completion, another high-density housing project in the area is about to gear up. Cooper said the city has received a site plan from PEG Development for a second phase of The View on 20th apartments

The complex is located on the northwest corner of 20th Street and Grant Avenue, across the street from The Meadows. The first block of apartments, which included more than 150 units, opened for occupancy in 2015.

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Cooper said PEG’s plan would build additional apartments directly to the west, occupying the space between Childs and Lincoln avenues.

“(PEG) is working with landowners to see it come about,” Cooper said. “It would essentially mimic what is there now and create another 130 to 145 dwelling units.”

During a city council work session, council Chair Richard Hyer asked Cooper about future plans for the area between Lincoln and Wall, from 18th Street to 20th Street — an area that represents about a third of the total Ogden River RDA acreage.

“We don’t have any intent for projects there and haven't received any proposals from private entities,” Cooper said. “We’re talking about some master plan changes that would better reflect the current conditions.”

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Though the land is a large chunk of the city’s RDA, much of it is encumbered, with a large portion of the space taken up by the Beehive Self Storage facility.

Cooper said the city’s initial plan figured the storage facility would be relocated, but recent talks with ownership there indicate that won’t be happening.

“I think it's going to be a fact that Beehive Storage isn’t going anywhere,” he said. 

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