Brigham City mom honoring late son among 60 Northern Utahns in Boston Marathon

Friday , April 13, 2018 - 3:51 PM

BRIGHAM CITY — A message believed to have come from a deceased son will give a mother the endurance she needs to run more than 26 miles in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16.

Jodi Wilding, 56, said she will face the pain while holding a faded magnet that reads, “You got this.”

Wilding, a Brigham City mother of five, found the magnet on the side of the road last week while training for the race. It appeared just when she needed it.

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“It was almost like a direct message from heaven,” she said. “It was so cool. It was almost like Tyson telling me, ‘You got this.’”

She ran with those three words as her mantra last year, too — during her first Boston Marathon. So finding that magnet didn’t seem like a coincidence.

Wilding started running in 2007 to improve her health and emotions, she said. She was still grieving the loss of her 17-year-old son, Tyson Wilding, who died in 2005 from complications of cystic fibrosis.

Now, she runs in his memory. She has even printed racing bibs with Tyson’s image and name on them.

“He is what I think about when it’s really hard,” Wilding said. “There is always a point where you want to give up and quit. It motivates me because he really couldn't run. I feel like I run for those who can’t.”

Wilding believes she can feel her son’s spirit with her when she runs.

Wilding qualified for this year's Boston Marathon in the fall of 2016 at the St. George Marathon with a time of 4:06:26, only 11 seconds to spare from the Boston mark. She believes she has special help in her dream of running in Boston.

“Boston is like the Super Bowl for runners,” she said. “It’s such an incredible experience.”

Not only do Boston-area residents cheer on runners seemingly every step of the way, but they also cheer them on throughout town as runners arrive and prepare to race, Wilding said.

“I had on a Boston running jacket,” she said. “As I was walking off the subway, a group of people stood up and gave me a standing ovation.”


This year’s oldest Boston Marathon participant from Northern Utah, according to the event’s website, is Blaine Campbell of South Ogden.

At 65, Campbell said this is his first time running the Boston Marathon, a feat he said he wanted to try before he got “too old.”

He qualified for Boston nearly a year ago in the Las Vegas Mount Charleston Marathon.

Campbell expects this race to be one of his most difficult to date. Hardships will come not so much because of his age, he said, but because of knee injuries he suffered when he played football at Bonneville High School.

He started running 11 years ago, about the same time as Wilding. Knee problems have plagued him the whole time, he said. 

“It finally got to the point that I couldn’t run anymore since Christmas,” he said. He had knee surgery in January and hasn’t been able to run much to train for the race.

“I’ve been doing the stationary bicycle and the elliptical machine,” Campbell said. “It should be an interesting marathon.”

His endurance secret? Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, he said.

“Anybody really can do a marathon,” Campbell said. “It’s just a matter of how long it takes.”

The senior citizen said he’s not worried about the possibility of finishing the race in last place Monday.

“I am certain there will be somebody in worse shape than me,” he said. “There always is.”

The following is a lineup of all 60 Northern Utah runners by city, listed by name, age and bib number — obtained from a search on the Boston Marathon official site.



David Kloz, 43 — 2004

Amy Hayter, 47 — 22100

Farr West

Susan Larsen, 57 — 23255


Marty Smith, 59 — 23408

North Ogden

Sam Dahlin, 47 — 7516


Michael Ambrose, 30 — 3447

Zack Blair, 37 — 6013

Brittany Blanchard, 42 — 17229

Matthew Wolpert, 41 — 397

Jennie Payne, 47 — 17055

Pleasant View

Dustin Hurd, 42 — 6271


Kayla Strong, 28 — 1951

South Ogden

Blaine Campbell, 65 — 23042

West Haven

Debbie Maughan, 51 — 19522

James Purtell, 53 — 13054



Preston Gardner, 40 — 87

Scott French, 41 — 3208

Bret Clapier, 25 — 3963

Bryan Summerhays, 50 — 10698


Jasmine Sessions, 37 — 1607

Taud Olsen, 55 — 8853

Fruit Heights

S.H. Garber, 34 — 13978

Cassie Hale, 31 — 9371


Kimball Potter, 21 — 393

Kyler Cipriano, 25 — 1672

Gregory Wallin, 39 — 2485

Eric Booth, 51 — 5535

Bradley Neuenschwander, 45 — 7603

Scott Morrison,48 — 9474

Cui Brown, 35 — 13380

Brooke Shaw, 33 — 15161

Kara Dart, 42 — 20388


Ob Vincent, 29 — 4959

Joe Knight, 55 — 10277

Tyler Hall, 45 — 10429

Emily Riddle, 41 — 15477

Mette Harrison, 47 — 21355

Sylvia Schulter, 58 — 24412

Kevin Lambert, 33 — 616

Gabe Galvan, 35 — 3164

Nathaniel Fredin, 39 — 4267

Greg Flint, 39 — 6577

Heidi Madsen, 27 — 9745

Carrie Fredin, 39 — 10782

Kofford, Tom 47 — 10924

North Salt Lake

Ryan Curtis, 26 — 3820

James Nichols, 45 — 12294  


Brent Steed, 47 — 2861

Madison Phippen, 30 — 7126

Melissa Soper, 39 — 9972

Marie Perkins, 37 — 17691


Brigham City

Cody Hurd, 40 — 2872

Natalie Nye, 36 — 9886

Charli  Mckee, 25 — 13500

Jodi Wilding, 56 — 24579


Braden Perry, 25 — 1147

Blair Perry, 60 — 20948


Joey Wilkinson, 40 — 4944


Kirk Rupp, 39 — 5517

Travis Laker, 45 — 12056

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