In Memory of Your Life,: Your Legacy, Your Love...

Saturday , October 07, 2017 - 10:00 PM

~ One Hundred Years ~

Yvonne "Nonnie" Brown Pagano

September 28, 1917 ~ September 18, 1981

Antonio Carmello Pagano


December 24, 1913 ~ February 18, 1996

WWII Veteran

Summers Farwell

Summer is saying goodbye today. I feel it everywhere. It's sighing in the rustling leaves. It's whispered in the air. Summer is saying goodbye today. You ask me how I know. Beyond the warmth of the summer skirt, I feel a hint of snow. Summer is singing goodbye, goodbye, with one of her loveliest days, the best of everything she has on the doorsteps of fall, she lays.

Yvonne "Nonnie" Pagano

From your children, grandchildren and all those whose lives you touched.

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