IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Bradley John Sistki Jr. (BJ)

Sunday , May 20, 2018 - 10:00 PM

May 21, 1987 ~ October 6, 2006


If history repeats itself, let's stop it in it's tracks. We'll hit it while it's

weakest, before it can

relax. It comes when least expected, though you

always know it's there,

It lingers all around the globe, like something in the air. It always seems so tragic, straight from the Devil's den. But it could be prevented, if some of it would end.

It is too late for you,

and I, Because we live in the past. But if this cycle

continues on, mankind will never last. The future is

the children, so let the old cries ring. Let's gather up

the young ones, and let the heavens sing! The melody

and harmony, could restore much needed peace.

The wait would be well worth it, if the terrorism ceased.

This is only half of a poem titled "HISTORY"

written by BJ at age 14.

In memory of 9/11 victims.

Your writings and poems that you left us were so

memorable and touching. Thanks.

Love, Family and Friends

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