Dysfunctional functions in many music genres

Thursday , May 22, 2014 - 3:38 PM

Standard-Examiner staff

Set on getting his name out there and his music heard, local rapper Brandon “Dysfunctional” Price won’t fit easily in a box.

What sets this genre-bender apart from other acts in the rapping game is Price’s blend of clean vocals, rock influences and hip-hop. Knowing how to play instruments like the drums and guitar have also helped Price find his sound.

“One day I just decided I can do this too, and sing at the same time, then I don’t have to have a band behind me because I can do it all myself,” said Price.

Price plays at 7 p.m. Saturday at Kamikazes, 2404 Adams Ave., Ogden. Admission is $5, and is open to 21 and older.

Deciding to break away from the typical elements of his base genre, Price coined his own species of music he likes to call “rock-hop-ra” with a special shout out to his childhood days of choir class.

Price didn’t start out rhyming, in fact, he hated rap. His first breakthrough with music was with an acoustic guitar. But after a persistent friend got him into hip-hop, he was hooked.

“I just decided that I was going to perform, and it’s been ongoing, constant, almost every weekend,” he said. “It’s all I really do besides spend time with family.”

Fans of rock music that hate rap, like Price originally did, might like his sound because of the “lyrical and rock edge it has to it.” Price recently performed a slew of shows in anticipation for his headliner at Kamikazes Bar in Ogden on May 24.

Making a name

For Price, rap isn’t about fancy cars and chains, it’s about realism. Drawing on music acts from the 1970s like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin for lyrical inspiration, Price prefers to sing about what’s real to him.

“I personally like rapping about what’s going on in the world,” he said. “But sometimes I switch it up and go to the horror side, like I.C.P. (Insane Clown Posse).”

Unlike his makeup-wearing counterparts and other rappers, Price wants his lyrics to be heard for what they are and every song is different from the last.

“I don’t want to sound like a machine gun going off; I want everyone to hear what I’ve got to say. I’m way different from most.”

Price started his own record label, Dysfunctional Kauze Entertainment, or DKE, to avoid conforming to what other labels want him to sound like. Currently, Price has 13 local artists signed up under DKE and will be performing with most of them Saturday night at Kamikazes. Among those whom Dysfunctional will share the stage are: Noxious, Reddbull, G33k Squad and The Kauze.

Keeping it real

Songs from his debut album “Bipolar” were released on www.reverbnation.com earlier this year, and placed him in the No. 1 spot for Ogden rap artist. Price doesn’t let this go to his head though; he stays busy and humble by working on promoting his music and label. Physical copies of “Bipolar” are dropping in June. He is also releasing a compilation album, “Rise of the Rebellion,” featuring Low Prophet and Noxious, artists from DKE in July.

He is keeping his sights set towards touring in the future, and dreams of hitting the road with rap outfits from across the country. Price will open for Liquid Assassin, a popular rap artist based out of Minnesota and Montana on July 21.

“I’ve never really had butterflies, I’m more of a go-getter and people pleaser, I like being on stage,” he said. “I was the kid in school everyone knew because I didn’t care what people thought.”

When he’s not performing, Price daydreams of opening up an all-ages venue somewhere between Ogden and Salt Lake City.

“The kids that have nowhere to go can come and have fun and learn an instrument or learn how to rap… and when the night comes, come up with their $5 to watch the performers play. Maybe give them an option to do something around the venue to earn their ticket or something and show responsibility,” he said. “I just want to help out like that, ya know?”

Brandon “Dysfunctional” Price can be found on Facebook and www.reverbnation.com.

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