Mojos draws young music fans

Friday , May 23, 2014 - 10:45 AM


Friday night at Mojos Caffe and Gallery, young friends gathered for what, for many, is a weekly ritual.

They end each week at the all-ages venue to enjoy camaraderie, acceptance, and live music to pique their imaginations or get their hearts pumping.

“There are good vibes everywhere,” said music and Mojos fan Emily Dalton, 17, of Ogden. “There are all kinds of different people here, and they are all open and friendly. It’s for a younger crowd that is looking for somewhere to go to make friends and meet friends.”

Mojos fans circulated between tables and chairs set up on Washington Boulevard and Mojos’ comfy interior: a medium-sized room with a low stage at one end, packed with vintage sofas, rockers and folding chairs. The dark room is lined, wall to wall, with the quirky posters, prints and paintings that make up owner Ron Atencio’s eclectic gallery.

The May 16 lineup included two acoustic acts, Bobby Meader, a folk/punk artist from Las Vegas, and Divided Heaven, from Los Angeles. The sludgy, metallic, hard core band Second Nature, on tour, opened the show, and Ogden’s own Stick Figures, a fan favorite, closed it.

The night’s crowd had a taste for music of the loud and electric variety, and left the acoustic acts to play for just a few appreciative fans. The party moved inside and outside at will.

“Mojos is very relaxed, and it’s in my hometown,” said Kyle Bertagnolli, 21, of Ogden. Bertagnolli is in Stick Figures, which plays Mojos fairly often. “They have an open mic night, with poetry, acoustic musicians and bands. Families can come. Ron has always kept it going.”

Owner Ron Atencio prefers to identify himself as master of ceremonies. The official greeter is Jolie (as in Angelina), his peace-loving pitbull.

“Ron’s a good dude, and the shows are cheap,” said Stick Figure’s Cortney Long, 24, of Ogden. Admission is $6.

Later, Stick Figures packed the room and inspired wild dancing. Some fans stood right by the stage, to feel the waves of music pass through their bodies.

Atencio held court at the back of the room. Jolie, her greeter duties behind her, took a break, resting her head on her boss’ arm.

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