Ted Cruz to announce Carly Fiorina as presidential running mate

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz has tabbed former technology executive Carly Fiorina to serve as his running mate. The Texas senator plans to unveil his pick for vice president Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis.

Standard Deviations

Transgender people don't commit perverted acts in restrooms; perverts do

Standard Deviations: Mark Saal tackles the new North Carolina bathroom law which targets transgender people, which has politicians acting like a bunch of 2-year-olds.


76-year-old man wrongly convicted in 1957 Illinois murder is released

A 76-year-old man who a prosecutor says was wrongly convicted in the killing of a 7-year-old Illinois schoolgirl in 1957 has been released from prison on a judge's order.


Indiana governor's office fields calls about periods over new abortion law

The office of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) has been fielding some unusual calls this week. In response to a new abortion law, women are reporting the details of their menstrual cycles to befuddled staff. These calls come from Indiana residents protesting the state’s new abortion law,...

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