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National Commentary

Keeping Trump's trust is key to reviving diplomacy


When Pompeo speaks, U.S. allies and adversaries alike can be relatively sure he represents Trump's views.

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Facebook doesn't sell data, but profits off it

Facebook Privacy Scandal Congress

It's true that Facebook doesn't sell your data directly to third parties, but it clearly profits from the information.

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Ryan will be remembered for his submission to Trump

US Ryan-1

“God help us. Clearly, Paul Ryan could not,” writes Michael Gerson.

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What if Trump fires Mueller and Mueller says no?


Firing Robert Mueller could lead to a constitutional crisis, writes Noah Feldman.

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Why North Korea will be watching what Trump does in Syria


“By acting decisively in Syria, Trump also has an opportunity to send a message not just to North Korea but also to China that he is not bluffing when he threatens to act against Kim's regime,” writes Marc Thiessen.

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Overdose deaths are the product of drug prohibition

BZ 050817 Needles Exchange 06-3

“Drug prohibition is justified as a vital protection against the ravages of abuse and addiction. But our graveyards are filling up with people it was supposed to save,” writes Steve Chapman.

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We can all be guardian angels for our vulnerable neighbors


“Keep your eyes open for vulnerable people who need a guardian angel, and help your neighbors do the same,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Just admit it, Mark Zuckerberg — you're in it for the money

Facebook Privacy Scandal Congress-9

“The founder of Facebook, who has apologized for privacy breaches throughout much of his company's existence, is back at it, on a much larger stage than ever before,” writes Rich Lowry.

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You don't have to speak Spanish to be Latino

BZ 051515 North Davis Prep 02-1

“If you are Hispanic and grew up getting razzed about not speaking Spanish, ignore the haters — you're no less Hispanic for it, and you can always learn the language,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Trump's politics of outrage is working — against the GOP


“Revulsion at Trump is now the driving force in American politics, and this petrifies the traditional GOP,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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