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National Commentary

Trumpism without Trump? It isn't possible

Governor's Race-35

“It is difficult enough for a candidate to run away from a conventional president of his own party; it is going be even harder with a president who dominates the media to an extent no other president has, and courts — nay, enjoys — radioactive controversies,” writes Rich...

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Harvard and Yale should stop playing football

Aaron Hernandez Brain

“With every game, Yale and Harvard are knowingly exposing their young charges to the serious risk of permanent incapacitating neurological injuries,” writes Steve Chapman. “How many students' brains have to be wrecked before they decide to stop?”

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Military must help to deny guns to domestic abusers

Texas Church Shooting-1

Times, and attitudes, have changed about domestic violence. This Senate bill will help move the law, and the nation, to a more responsible position on gun violence as well.

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The appalling and entirely predictable GOP reaction to Roy Moore's accusers

Senate Alabama Moore's Appeal

Republicans “need to assess whether to believe Moore, who denies the charges (this from someone twice removed from the bench), or the painful, detailed recollections of his accusers,” writes Jennifer Rubin.

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Food banks need help battling holiday hunger

LEAD BS 030717 Food Pantry 01-5

“With two weeks left until our national day of eating, please make some room in your meal budget to donate food or cash,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Senate learns from the House tax bill

Tax Overhaul

“The first lesson Senate Republicans appear to have learned is that simplification is complicated,” writes Ramesh Ponnuru.

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How to pay for national parks

National Parks Fee Increase-3

“The administration's proposal to raise entrance fees at 17 popular national parks is proof that even the worst presidents can't always be wrong,” writes Steve Chapman.

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We can't allow ourselves to become inured to mass shootings

Church Shooting Texas-1

Any loss of innocent life is tragic, but to be killed while in a house of worship is particularly heinous.

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In Texas, two very American heroes

Texas Church Shooting

“Any gun-control measure that is sweeping enough to make a dent in the country's gun stock and render gun ownership difficult enough to, at the margins, keep firearms out of the hands of psychopaths will inevitably affect law-abiding people as well,” writes Rich Lowry.

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The Clintons' treatment of women is part of their legacy

Trump Church-2

“Had the Clintons played their cards differently, our country might have become less coarse, and our infantile impulsiveness less pronounced. It might not have taken 25 years for women to find their voices,” writes Kathleen Parker.

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