National Commentary

National Commentary

In a sea of Republican cowards, Mia Love spoke up

Mia Love Contraception-1

“For her eloquent, lonely statement in a sea of moral cowardice, we can say, well done, Congresswoman Love,” writed Jennifer Rubin.

National Commentary

Offshore drilling and Trump's war on the environment

BP Gulf Settlement

“The administration wants to stimulate offshore drilling while making it more dangerous,” writes Steve Chapman.

National Commentary

In Trump's White House, it's the survival of the servile


“Trump's main management goal seems to be to keep his employees off balance — unsure of his regard — in order to motivate conspicuous acts of loyalty,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Don't start thanking Trump for pay raises just yet

Walmart Wages

The second week of the new tax year is a little early to be declaring victory.

National Commentary

Trump's own words revive debate over whether he's racist


Trump has repeatedly denied he is a racist, declaring during the 2016 campaign that he was the "least racist person there is."

National Commentary

Curb your digital addiction with these resolutions

Apple iPhone

“Curbing your digital routines doesn't have to be painful. The only sure way to make a lasting change is to create positive habits to help offset the negative ones,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

National Commentary

Judge's ruling isn't going to save the Dreamers

Trump Immigration

“I deeply hope some version of DACA is signed into law. But this judicial decision isn't going to save the Dreamers, no matter how well-intentioned it might be,” writes Noah Feldman.

National Commentary

Jeff Sessions gives a boost to the legalization of pot

Legalized Pot California

“The attorney general seems intent on proving that you don't have to be stoned to be detached from reality,” Steve Chapman writes.

National Commentary

'Dreamers' need to get out of their own way

Immigration Democrats

“Dreamers will win this fight — if they don't mow down their friends first,” Dana Milbank writes.

National Commentary

Oprah could be exactly what the Democrats need

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Oprah

“What Donald Trump proved is that a celebrity with charisma, performative ability and gobs of free media can, in the right circumstances, stomp conventional politicians who lack all three,” Rich Lowry writes.

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