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National Commentary

Trump unbound amid a cloud of chaos


“It is absurd to argue that, because the last 30 years of Korean policy hasn't succeeded, a new policy should be chosen by throwing a dart at a dartboard,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Shifting the focus away from gun violence

GameStop Vegas 2013

We realize this president doesn't have much use for the First Amendment, but even he doesn't have the power to wipe "Call of Duty" or "Grand Theft Auto" off store shelves.

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Trump needs to be clear about one thing in meeting with Kim Jong Un

North Korea United States Timeline

“A face-to-face meeting is a chance for Trump to look Kim in the eye and tell him: You will not be allowed to deploy missiles that can reach U.S. cities,” writes Marc Thiessen.

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Trump's wall is performance art, not border security

Trump wall

“His wall promise rests on the same basis as a Ponzi scheme,” writes Steve Chapman. “It doesn't have to work in the end. It just has to work long enough to fleece the gullible.”

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Pompeo may have a better chance of succeeding as Secretary of State

Trump Tillerson

Pompeo's best chance for success lies in persuading his boss that he is not, as Trump once said, "the only one that matters" in foreign policy.

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Elon Musk brings back the Age of Exploration

Trump Immigration Entrepreneurs

“The founder of Tesla and SpaceX is, through his brio and technological prowess, bringing back a whiff of the Age of Exploration, the time when men launched across oceans in rickety ships in pursuit of the unknown (and perhaps untold riches),” writes Rich Lowry.

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Trump evangelicals have sold their souls

Trump Prayer Breakfast

“Trump's nasty mash-up of the power of positive thinking, the Playboy philosophy and the will to power is a naturally poor fit for religious conservatives. Or so one would have thought,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Donald Trump — a pleaser who wants to be seen as strong

Trump Going It Alone

“On any given day and at any given moment, his actions are dictated by what, in his eyes, will make him look forceful and bring him accolades,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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How to lose a trade war with China in one easy step

Trump Trade

“President Donald Trump's prospective tariffs on steel and aluminum have put renewed focus on China trade, although the tariffs are a comically inept misfire if their true target is China,” writes Rich Lowry.

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Trump's North Korea gambit could be a big deal — for good or ill

United States North Korea What’s Ahead

“Trump has essentially taken the offer that Bush and Rice thought was too accommodating,” writes Steve Chapman.

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