Pool lifted over home in Roy

Thursday , June 12, 2014 - 5:33 PM

Standard Examiner staff

ROY — Thursday morning Mindy Larsen woke up as usual, but walked past her front window to find that things outside were not so usual.

Loud beeping caught her attention.

Her new neighbor, the Atkinsons, were installing a swimming pool. But not just any swimming pool.

“When I was a young girl, I would watch TV shows about houses in America and they all pretty much had pools,” said Alina Atkinson in a thick Russian accent. “I would dream about my house with a pool.” 

The pool was purchased just days before and arrived that morning. But the 40’ by 16’, eight-foot-deep object had to be lifted from the street over the house and into a dirt hole. The 2,600-pound obstruction dangled in the air by four straps attached to a crane. 

Neighbors were outside nervous the crane would collapse, causing the large pool to fall through the young couple’s home.

“I hope it doesn't fall on the house,” Atkinson said. “Good thing we have insurance.”

It’s not something you see every day, Larsen said. “I just thought it was really cool how they went up over the house and didn't hit the house or any power lines or trees ... wow, they’re brave,” she added, sitting in a lawn chair on her front porch across the street.

“It went higher than a building,“ said Larsen’s granddaughter, hoping she too gets a pool one day.

However, the crane operator, who installs pools regularly, had no worries.

“You always like it when you’re out that far, and you get to put it in where it goes,” said Matt Tenney, from Wagstaff Crane Co. -- a Utah-based company. “But you know, just go slow and easy and make it as safe as possible.”

The Atkinsons moved to Roy just four months ago.

Daniel Atkinson, Alina’s husband, spend two days digging the hole that would house the pool. He plans to spend the next few days plumbing and pouring cement. Alina told the Standard Examiner that now the pool is installed, she hopes to have the pool fully operating by Monday.

“For a quick and reliable pool, fiber glass is the way to go,” said her husband.

Alina, at 25 weeks pregnant, said she cannot wait to have her first baby to enjoy the pool with. The family also plans to install a slide, which Alina said she looks very forward to.

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