UPDATE: Water OK in another part of Clinton

Saturday , August 09, 2014 - 2:29 PM

Standard-Examiner staff

CLINTON -- City officials this afternoon say another part of the city is free from worry about E. coli contamination, but the northwest part of the community remains under orders not to use the water.

The latest from the city:

CLINTON RESIDENTS: Due to good test results, the water advisory has been lifted for the area South of 1800 North. However the water advisory still remains for the northwest quadrant of the City located west of 2000 W. and north of 1800 N. This area has not yet achieved the chlorine residual and bacteriological results required by the State and County Health Depts. The City crew is continuing testing the chlorine residual and injecting more chlorine into the water system and the apparent troublesome areas. The State and County Heath departments are assisting the City in sampling, testing and pursuing the resolution of this water problem. We recognize the inconvenience and hardships forced upon those of you still affected by this water advisory. The City is doing all it can to quickly resolve this water safety issue. For those still affected, the City has a limited amount of bottled water available at the Fire Dept located on 1500 W. at 2153 N. Thanks for your help and patience.

Meantime, the Davis County Health Department has issued tips for Clinton residents to follow as they begin to use the city water system again when the supply has been declared safe:

· Let chlorinated cold water run through every faucet in your home or business for 20 minutes followed by two minutes of straight hot water.

· Drain and flush all icemakers, water heaters, purifiers, water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems. Follow manufacturers’ recommendations when cleaning or replacing filters or screening devices.

· Throw out ice cubes or other water stored in refrigerators that have connections to culinary water sources.

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