Family attacks Daniel Pierce for being gay, disturbing video goes viral

Saturday , August 30, 2014 - 5:32 PM

Liam Burke

ATLANTA - Coming out can be a daunting prospect for any gay person and at any age. Twenty-year-old Daniel Ashley Price’s experience on Thursday was a violent nightmare when he revealed to his parents that he “was born gay.” 

The discussion, with his step-mother who remains unnamed, became one of ’nature versus scripture.’

As Price tries to explain some scientific theory about homosexuality, his step-mother shuts him down and says, “I’m goin’ by the word of God.”

Next she tells him if he chooses to be gay he’ll have to get out of the house.

Things quickly develop into an argument, cursing, and then erupt into physical abuse. His stepmother beats him while his grandmother cheers her on. Eventually, his father chimes in, calls him ’a disgrace’ as Pierce is kicked out of the house.

The disturbing footage, which should be watched with caution, was captured secretly and posted by Pierce's friend. It had 700,000 views by Thursday afternoon. Pierce received a lot of support through Facebook as well.

Pierce's story looks to be having a somewhat happy ending. Catching national attention it has been reported on in The Advocate, the Daily Dot and the New Civil Rights Movement.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up to help raise money to help Pierce move out of home.

The target set at $2,000 has reached $93,000 in only a few days. 

Daniel Ashley Pierce's Facebook Post Aug 26, 2014 by StandardExaminer

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