Road projects revealed by UDOT for next 25 years

Friday , August 14, 2015 - 8:08 AM

Taylor Hintz

Utah Department of Transportation released a long-range plan for developing and improving rural roads throughout Utah on Friday.

UDOT spokesperson Vic Saunders said that the 25-year plan is a result of coordination with other planning organizations to improve economic factors such as interstate freight movement, the energy sector, tourism, and access to recreation areas.

The map below shows all of UDOT’s intended projects in Weber, Davis, Box Elder, Cache and Morgan counties. The projects are clustered into four colors representing the four phases of the construction plan. Each phase lasts about 5 years, according to Saunders, starting with the green phase and ending with the red phase.

Click on each project to learn more about its projected cost, length and type of development.

“We don’t have unlimited funding, so we have to make sure we are working projects that meet the people’s needs,” Saunders said.

The plan depends upon approval and funding from respective local governments that have jurisdiction for each project, Saunders said. As many as 24 projects are proposed for northern Utah over a 25-year period, all of which UDOT has assigned to different “phases.” Saunders said each phase of construction lasts about 5 years.

Utah Department of Transportation released an interactive map of the future projects.

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