Kaysville opens 'Safe Exchange Zone' for online transactions

Monday , December 28, 2015 - 4:55 PM

Taylor Hintz

KAYSVILLE — A new service meant for people to make safe transactions and exchanges opened in Kaysville Monday, and the city acknowledged it was inspired after similar “safe exchange zones” were established in other cities.

“No, we didn’t come up with the idea on our own, but we are not above copying our neighbors to the north,” Kaysville Mayor Steve Hiatt said in a press release.

The “Safe Exchange Zone“ consists of two adjacent parking stalls next to the Kaysville police station under recorded video surveillance. According to the press release, the location is well lit and is meant for residents to safely complete online transactions or for parents to exchange their kids.

Layton City created a ”Safe Exchange Zone,” also using two parking stalls next to the city’s police department, on Nov. 3. The announcement of its safe exchange zone on the Layton City Police Department’s Facebook page was well received, with over 3,800 likes and 2,400 shares.

North Ogden also set up a “Safe Exchange Zone” — you guessed it, two reserved parking stalls under video surveillance next to the city’s police station — about Dec. 18, responding to citizens who have seen this done in other cities, according to North Ogden Detective Paul Rhoades.

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