We've started to reduce childhood food insecurity, but we can't stop now

SW 031716 Pantry Packs 01

We helped nearly 1,500 Weber County children escape food insecurity. Now let’s do the same for the...


Build toll booths to raise money for roads in Washington Terrace

Toll Booth

Washington Terrace is a bedroom community. We don’t have much of a tax base. Our roads were never designed to support the traffic that we have seen the last few years. I would suggest that the mayor of Washington Terrace send a letter to the surrounding cities asking them to start...

National Commentary

Is it time to ask Mitt Romney to run?

Bob Bennett Funeral

“Romney is not ideal,” writes Jennifer Rubin, “but the GOP passed ideal in March. Romney is a plausible, qualified grown-up.”

Our View

After telling the public to get lost, the UTA suddenly sees the light

UTA bus

It took threats and condemnation to convince the UTA board to honor the Open Meetings Act. And that’s just sad.

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Low-income students face a knowledge gap outside the classroom

Nation's Report Card 2016

The Nation’s Report Card contains some encouraging news, writes Esther J. Cepeda. But it also shows that kids from poor families and underfunded schools simply don’t know as much as their better-off peers.

Guest Commentary

Facebook and the politics of news

Facebook Trending Topics

Facebook says it conveys news without bias. Conservatives aren’t so sure, writes David Ferro.

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Who's going to be our next Weber County commissioner? That's up to you

Gochnour-Harvey debate poster

Caitlin Gochnour and Jim Harvey — candidates for the Weber County Commission — are debating Thursday at WSU. Send us the questions you’d like to ask them. 

Standard Deviations

Columnist finds pornography a fascinating subject

Pornography Health Crisis Utah

Just don’t ask the speech-to-text feature on your phone to type the word “porn.” Because, frankly, it’s a pain in the asterisk.

National Commentary

There's only one choice worse than Clinton or Trump — not voting

Sanders California

Faced with an election between two candidates they don’t like, what can Americans do? Vote, says Kathleen Parker.


Weber County needs Gochnour's financial expertise, former commissioner says

Caitlin Gochnour kicks off campaign

The opportunity to serve the people of Weber County as commissioner for eight years, from 1998-2006, was a tremendous honor. While working to solve problems and address the concerns of the people I served, I gained insight into the needs of this county. We must elect a candidate with experience and...


Utahns continue to elect lawmakers who vote against the things we want

Public Lands Plan

It’s a mystery to me why so many Utahns commit political suicide by voting against themselves. How? By electing representatives who refuse to vote for things the majority of citizens want. Let’s look at a few examples. Year after year, polls show that Utahns want adequate funding for education. So...

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