Give firefighters a break on Pioneer Day

BZ 072414 HOUSE FIRE 01

Give firefighters a break. Don’t start another 20 fires on Pioneer Day.


Bishop "blatantly subservient" to special interests outside Utah

APTOPIX Public Lands Plan

Frankly, I can’t decide who to be madder at — U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop, who is so blatantly subservient to special interests outside our state, or my fellow Utahns, who stupidly keep voting for him. Bishop’s recently released Public Lands Initiative is obviously a stalling tactic....


Family used S-E map to find all the painted horses in downtown Ogden

Painted Horse 34

I have lived in Ogden almost all of my life. It was a great place to grow up and it is a great place to live. One of my favorite times in the 24th of July, with the Pioneer Days Rodeo and the parade. I love seeing the additions of such things as the Farmers Market, the Horse and Hitch Parade and...

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Checkout lines, market equilibrium and laws

Phishing for Phools

“Markets are our hammer,” writes E. Kent Winward. “It is up to us to decide if we are going to use them to build something beautiful or bash in our own skulls.”

Our View

Ogden needs a world-class municipal airport

Ogden-Hinckley Airport

If Ogden is going to remain one of America’s best small cities, it needs a world-class municipal airport. And that means fixing Ogden-Hinckley.

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Trump's emasculation of Republican foreign policy

GOP 2016 Convention Trump

“In his acceptance speech, Trump drew lusty cheers as he blamed Clinton for all the trouble in the world,” writes Steve Chapman. “The stark irony is that if anyone in the race is likely to uphold the traditional Republican strategy, it's Clinton.”

Standard Deviations

30 years in the making: Mark Saal's search for the perfect cowboy hat

New cowboy hats

Standard-Examiner columnist Mark Saal buys his first Stetson after years of covering the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo.


Is there a relationship between warmer temps, algae bloom on Utah Lake?

Toxic Algae Utah Lake

While our congressional delegation is back at home for the August recess, it’s time for the press to take them to Utah Lake, along with researchers from Brigham Young University, Utah State University and the University of Utah to discuss the relationship between warming temperatures and the...

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Is it OK to raise property taxes if it means sheriff's officers get a raise?

2nd Street search warrant

County commissioners might raise property taxes to pay for raises in the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “Better do something,” one reader says.

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Where's Ronald Reagan when you need him?

GOP 2016 Convention-3 Trump

Republicans say they revere Ronald Reagan. Then why did they just choose a nominee who rejects his ideals?

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Notes from Cleveland: The two-part rebellion

APTOPIX GOP 2016 Convention Cruz

Cruz, McConnell and Ryan represented the anti-Trump faction in Cleveland, writes Charles Krauthammer. On the loyalist side — Gingrich, Pence, Giuliani and Christie.

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