Sessions has some serious explaining to do

Sessions Justice Department

Sessions needs to tell the public his views on the appropriate relationship between the Justice...


‘Dunkirk’ delivers powerful story that reminds us of the realities of war

Don Porter

“Dunkirk” is a marvelous piece of cinema, columnist Don Porter says. But it can also be a terrible thing to watch. 


Tech Matters: Update your phone now to avoid hostile takeover

robot hand with blank screen mobile phone

The latest software version released last week patches a security vulnerability that could leave your phone open to a hostile takeover. An attacker could take control of your phone using the device's Wi-Fi chip, and that’s something you do not want.

National Commentary

Trump insults everything the Boy Scouts stand for

Trump Boy Scouts

“Trump's lesson for 30,000 young men was that the bullies are right and that humility and self-sacrifice are for suckers,” writes Stephen Stromberg.

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With 35 elections to decide, it's time to start paying attention in Weber Co.

MH 122016 City Council Meeting 03-2

People here clearly believe in the democratic process. Of the county’s 13 mayoral elections this year, nine are contested.

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Obscuring the truth about school choice

School Choice AFT President

“The real-world political impetus for choice has been developing alternatives to rotten public schools for poor minority kids without other options,” writes Rich Lowry.


Government has no place assisting people in poverty

Mississippi Poverty RFK

Maintenance of a moral republic depends on you and me. We will either be virtuous and free or corrupt and ruled. The Founding Fathers' writings show as individuals, they would not care completely for the needy but help them to help themselves. The poor need earned achievement satisfaction, not...

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These are the students who will shape America's future

PREP graduation

“These kids are excited by the future. Even if they don’t all become engineers and scientists, they will make a difference,” writes David Ferro.

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A piece of federal legislation nobody in Ogden wants

BH 070515 Mayoral Election 001 Caldwell

The House passed a defense bill containing an amendment that puts the Ogden Nature Center at risk. Utah lawmakers can’t allow it to become part of the final bill. 

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Why having a diverse teaching corps matters

LEAD BS 121916 Ben Lomond Mentor 01

“It may sound trite, but there is relief and even pure joy when minority students experience having a teacher who shares their culture,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.


Trump's mere existence is an embarrassment to the nation

Trump departs

In her letter regarding Don Porter’s “ravings,” Lorna Jorgensen seems to be of the opinion that everybody has a right to her opinion (“Left-wing ravings of columnist Don Porter have become irritating,” July 18). Those of us who share Porter’s...

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