Government worked the way it's designed in the debate over a Pineview curfew

Pineview trash

Think representative government doesn’t work, especially at the local level? Think again. The...


West Point man doesn't want your cats and dogs pooping in his yard

There has been a lot said about the two cats shot in the head recently. The owners are up in arms to think someone would shoot their furry darlings. They are so incensed I am sure like the Queen of Hearts they would shout,

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A government agency that helps consumers get a fair shake? Yes, please

Consumers need to be treated fairly, writes E. Kent Winward. S do those making a living in the financial market. That’s why there’s the CFPB.

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Utah, it's inexcusable that Lee, Love and Stewart are unopposed

More candidates need to pursue signature-gathering as an option. It’s the best way to make Utah incumbents — think Republican — face their party’s voters.

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For Trump, inconsistency is the point

Factual accuracy and logic are no more important to Trump's followers than to him, writes Steve Chapman. They believe what they feel, not what they can prove.


Bernie Sanders could help Donald Trump win in November

There is a way Donald Trump could win the presidency. All Bernie Sanders has to do, in his blind ambition, is to run as an independent. He will then also need to change his name to Ralph Nader II. Think about it. Gerald Mayer South Ogden

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Does Pineview Reservoir need a curfew? Here's what readers say

“Such a tough call,” said one reader. “I wish there was a better solution. Maybe tougher penalties?”

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Trump's strategy for beating Clinton among female voters: Humiliation

An overwhelming number of white women voters already dislike Trump, Greg Sargent writes. Why does he think humiliating Hillary Clinton is going to help him among women?

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Oklahoma ignores the Constitution in latest efforts to restrict abortions,

In Oklahoma, lawmakers want to revoke the medical licenses of doctors who perform abortions. That’s not only unconstitutional, it puts women’s lives at risk.

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The world according to Trump

Trump's scripted, telepromptered speech was intended to finally clarify his foreign policy. It produced instead a jumble, writes Charles Krauthammer.

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Oh, Ted Cruz. You had the Worst Week in Washington.

“Add it all up and here's what you get: a candidate desperately trying to make it happen,” writes Chris Cilllizza. “And it is not happening.”

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