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Great news: NPR is killing off comments

NPR Site Comments

“What the comments section actually is in this supercharged partisan media environment is a mud pit where the only rule is that there are no rules,” writes Chris Cilllizza. “And, by definition, when fighting in a mud pit, no one comes out clean.”

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It's time for Congress to look into the spiraling cost of EpiPens


EpiPens can save lives. But now, thanks to price increases by the manufacture, some families can’t afford them.

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There are scandals. Then there are Clinton scandals.

Campaign 2016 Clinton Reno

“The bright line seems to be outright bribery,” writes Charles Krauthammer. “Anything short of that is considered — not just for the Clintons, for everyone — acceptable corruption.”

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Roy, raises and a 38% property tax increase — a reader conversation

BN 040616 Roy Days 02

Roy’s city council decided it needed to give pay raises to firefighters and police, so it raised property taxes by 38 percent. “That is crazy,” said one person.

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The latest Clinton email story just isn't a scandal

Campaign 2016 Clinton Foundation

Nobody got “special access” to Secretary of Sate Hillary Clinton by donating to the Clinton Foundation, writes Paul Waldman. Not even Bono.

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CNBC discovers what we already knew — Ogden's a great place to start a business

Ogden Pioneer Places 02-3

We’ve already built one of the most vibrant communities in the United States. And the best part is, we’re just getting started.

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One man's clutter could be another man's treasure

Deseret Industries

“De-cluttering doesn't have to be a vapid exercise in conspicuous austerity,” writes Esther J. Cepeda. “Clean house and help others at the same time by donating to your local nonprofit thrift store.”

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Weber County needs a new form of government

weber tax hearing 081516 twitter

“Ogden constitutes 36 percent of Weber County’s population,” writes L. Clifford Goff. “Yet it is noteworthy that no one on the county commission is from Ogden City, which is in fact the county seat — the focal point for Weber County government operations.”

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Our false feelings of insecurity

Obama Dempsey Retirement

“Even the most secure nation needs to pay attention to tangible dangers, including small ones,” writes Steve Chapman. “But it shouldn't let itself be spooked by shadows.”

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The real reason prescription drugs cost more in the U.S.

Drug Price Transparency

The U.S. spends more than twice what other industrialized countries spend on drugs. Why? Because of long government-granted monopolies.

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