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How do we stop police and civilians from killing each other?

Police Shot Baton Rouge-1

The killings must stop. It starts with understanding the risks faced by police and the grievances of the communities they serve.

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Gary Johnson — the Libertarian alternative

Gary Johnson

“A couple of pleasant but obscure former governors representing a minor party may sound like an unpromising use of your ballot,” writes Steve Chapman. “Until you remember the alternatives.”


Column: I don't remember taking care of little ones being like this

louise brown web sig.jpg

I consider the wisdom in children being born to young people only. It could kill off the older generation.


Sundance should reconsider its decision to leave Ogden

BZ 010615 Sundance Film Festival

For years my husband and I have attended the Sundance Film Festival in Ogden. We understand that many industry folks associated with the making of a particular film attended the showings in Ogden. They wanted to see what “normal,” i.e., non-industry people, thought so they could assess...


Christian conservative supports Trump and Pence

Campaign 2016 Trump Pence-13

Recent letters and columns in the Standard-Examiner are full of words clearly meant to castigate the Trump/Pence candidacy for U. S. president. Steve Chapman wrote Sunday wrote about walking out on a Pence speech that he called “an exercise in pomposity and sanctimony” (”Mike...

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Plagiarism, denial and a missed opportunity for the Trump campaign

Melania Trump

After Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama, the simple thing would’ve been to apologize and move on. But that’s not the Trump way, writes Kathleen Parker.

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Give firefighters a break on Pioneer Day

BZ 072414 HOUSE FIRE 01

Give firefighters a break. Don’t start another 20 fires on Pioneer Day.

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In convention's rocky start, deeper questions emerge about Trump

GOP 2016 Cleveland Melania Trump

The Republican National Convention didn’t start especially well, writes Karen Tumulty. But the good news for Donald Trump is that it runs through Thursday.  


Fly the flag at half-staff in memory of the Republican Party

GOP 2016 Cleveland Wall Brigade

We, like many of you, have flown our American flag at half-staff a lot over the last few years, most recently because of the police officers killed in the line of duty in Dallas and Baton Rouge. We will continue to fly the flag at half-staff throughout the Republican National Convention, in...

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Utah's new drone law can save lives. But it also poses a risk

Special Legislative Session

Drone jamming technology can save lives and property. But if it’s misused, it also poses a threat to newsgathering.

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