Those responsible for scooping live cow into dump truck should be arrested

When a front-end loader takes an injured cow and drops it into a dump truck, I feel all involved should be arrested for animal cruelty. There had to have been a humane way of putting the poor cow down. Just because the cow was being hauled to slaughter doesn’t mean it should’ve been...

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Ted Cruz resurrects a very stale Obamacare claim

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Who are the Republican alternatives to Trump?

Sen. Ted Cruz's upset victory against Donald Trump has robbed

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Our terrible history of forced sterilizations

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Could this be the end of the Mantua speed trap?

Every city needs to be known for something. In Layton, it’s Hill Air Force Base. In Ogden, it’s Historic 25th Street. And in Mantua, it’s the speed trap. Sen. Lyle Hillyard, a Logan Republican, wants to limit the amount of money local governments can raise from traffic fines. He...


It is un-American to push your religious views on others

About religion and religious freedom: The problem with our religious freedom is that some people try to foist their own beliefs onto everyone else around them. Each sect has its own rituals and beliefs. It is un-American to insult others by pushing your own personal beliefs onto everyone else...

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Iowa is over. Now it gets interesting

That this is a year when everything is up for grabs was confirmed Monday night in Iowa, with two almost equally unacceptable outsiders — Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump — running 1 and 2 in Iowa's Republican caucuses. The party establishment would take their own lives if one of them...

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It's time for the Utah Parole Board to join the 21st century

The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole knew that police had arrested Cory Lee Henderson on a parole violation. And, based on that knowledge, they released him to a state-run drug treatment center in November. But they didn’t know police found Henderson with guns and drugs. Henderson, 31, walked...

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No harm, no foul: Oregon standoff all just one colossal misunderstanding

Goodbye, speeding tickets. Farewell, parking fines. So long, serving time for robbing banks. Thanks to that collection of geniuses holed up in Oregon for the past month, I now realize it’s not unreasonable to expect to avoid any and all consequences for one’s actions. Back on Jan. 2, an...


What happened in Flint can happen anywhere we don't hold leaders accountable

If our representatives in Congress don't take a more sincere interest in the problem with the water in Flint, Michigan, then that speaks volumes about what they truly feel for all Americans because as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said,

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