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Evan McMullin, the GOP debacle and what might have been

Campaign 2016-Independent Candidate McMullin

Jennifer Rubin wonders, “What if McMullin or another similar new face had been able to get ready six or nine months ago?”

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The president needs to designate Bears Ears as a national monument

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Since taking office, President Obama has used the Antiquities Act of 1906 to create or expand 26 National Monuments. He needs to create one more: Bears Ears.

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Clinton and Trump are both out of the question. So how does a conservative vote?

Campaign 2016 Clinton White Plains

“I will not vote for Hillary Clinton,” writes Charles Krauthammer. “But, as I've explained in these columns, I could never vote for Donald Trump.”


Ogden needs to deal with the underlying factors that drive homelessness

Secondary BZ 100616 Odyssey Elementary 03-2

I’d like to thank reporter Mark Saal for an informative story on homelessness in Ogden (”Problems with homeless vexing Ogden elementary school,” Oct. 17 Standard-Examiner). We as a country (and as a city) have never dealt with the largest underlying factors that drive...


If Donald Trump loses, it's because of the media

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Donald Trump is not likely to win. Not that he isn’t trying, but he will lose for two reasons: 1) The good old boys club will not support him because he would break it up, and 2) the media has done everything it can to destroy and discredit him. In my nearly 80 years, I have never seen the...


Nobody gave Trump the GOP nomination. He won it

Campaign 2016 Alfred Smith Dinner-1

The Republican Party didn’t give Donald Trump the presidential nomination. He was chosen by primary voters who are disgusted with Washington, D.C. The GOP is being divided by persons who don’t want a change. Third-party candidates hope to jump to the head of the line at the last minute...


Seinfeld was right about up-talkers


I recently watched a “Seinfeld” episode in which Jerry and his friend George were sitting in a booth at their favorite restaurant, and George asked Jerry how his most recent date went. Jerry said his date was nice enough, except that she was an up-talker. When pressed to explain, Jerry...


Burton is a loyal advocate for teachers

Ogden School District Logo

This is a letter of endorsement on behalf of Sue Ann Burton, who is running for the District 5 position on the Ogden School Board. As educators ourselves, we are impressed with the qualifications she has for this position. Having been an educator, she is well aware of the educational system and how...

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Utah is the political conscience of the nation

BZ 101316 Evan McMullin 08-3

“Just the reality of widespread disgust at Trump should make us realize that somewhere in this land, there are people who actually act on what they believe,” writes Noah Feldman.

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Trying to avoid student debt? There's a cost

Weber State commencement

Finishing a degree at Weber State in four years costs about $23,000, writes Jeff Steagall. Completing it in six adds another $12,000 to the tab.

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