Liberals don't hate Trump. They're embarrassed by him


In his July 11 letter, John W. Reynolds asked, “Why all this fuss about the dignity of the presidency?” Because we have worked hard (since Adam and Eve) to become a dignified, civilized and cultured people! Agree to a so-called new normal? No! You say health care is broken? Go back and...

Standard Deviations

COLUMN: NY Times Magazine slaps Northern Utah with gawking ode to Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty-2

For Easterners, Spiral Jetty story basically paints Weber, Davis, Box Elder counties as uninhabited.

Guest Commentary

When Sessions recused himself, he was doing his job, Mr. President

Trump Interview

“Part of the power of the legal system is avoiding the suggestion of bias,” writes E. Kent Winward

Our View

Davis County Jail failed its 2016 inspection — and Utahns deserve to know why

SW 052717 Tracy Velarde Illustration Horizontal Web

Until we know why the Davis County Jail failed its 2016 inspection, we can’t hold the sheriff accountable for the safety of prisoners and staff. But the state and county don’t want to release details. They need to reconsider.

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Trump's biggest blunder — choosing Mike Pence as his running mate

Trump Pene

“Most Republicans in Congress would much rather deal with President Pence than with President Trump,” writes Steve Chapman. “He would be better at working with them and less prone to embarrassing them.”


North Ogden police chief, animal control officer helped a sick kitten

Tabby kitten

In this day and age, good, helpful people are hard to find in a pinch. My friend and I found a stray cat that was sick and needrf help. Neither one of us had the means or money to care for the stray. We took the cat to the animal shelter only to find out that due to city boundaries, we would have...

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Deputy faces a misdemeanor in police dog's death — a reader conversation

Endy Cache County police dog

A sheriff’s deputy was charged with a misdemeanor in the death of a Northern Utah police dog. To some readers, that doesn’t go far enough.

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Sessions has some serious explaining to do

Sessions Justice Department

Sessions needs to tell the public his views on the appropriate relationship between the Justice Department and the White House. 

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What to do for little Charlie Gard

Britain Sick Baby Charlie Gard

“What is best for the child? The best guide is a loving parent. A parent's motive is the most pure,” writes Charles Krauthammer.


Israel continues to violate international law, steal land in the West Bank

Israel Palestinians clash

While the attention of most Americans is diverted daily by the inept machinations of the least fit person ever to occupy the White House, on the other side of the world the Israelis continue, in violation of international law and taking advantage of our distraction, to steal land from Palestinian...

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