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If it involves Trump, Russia and Mueller, it must be true

Flynn ABC Reporter Suspended

“If the press had less faith that Robert Mueller is on the verge of bringing the Trump presidency to its knees, it might exercise a little more discrimination,” writes Rich Lowry.

Standard Deviations

Breathe easy, folks — here comes the dreaded temperature inversion

Inversion perversion

That old prankster Mother Nature is trying to give us a “climatological Dutch oven.” 

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'Darkest Hour' proves that history can hinge on a single leader

Golden Globes Nominations Actor Film Drama

“Many are looking for a place to invest their hope. And some leader, we trust, will rise who calls his countrymen to choose decency and civic friendship above the destructive pleasures of hatred and blame,” writes Michael Gerson.

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California needs to begin preparing for a fiery reality

California Wildfires-8

What should make Southern California fearful is that climate change could mean a future of more frequent and more intense wildfires.

Guest Commentary

Shop local. Eat local. Give local. Think local.

BN 062116 Javiers Mexican 05-4

“To maintain a great northern Utah, all of us must maintain a sense of community. We must be conscious of one another’s needs, work together and support each other,” writes Robert Hunter.


When we sit idling in our cars, we're contributing to inversions

Air Pollution Alert Utah

I am writing in response to the Dec. 11 story, “Inversion expected to last throughout the week; no-burn alert still in effect,” by Jessica Kokesh. As the inversion settles along the Wasatch Front, a new norm settles as well: Poor air quality. We would revolt at anyone throwing trash...


No, Jesus wouldn't have baked a wedding cake for a gay couple

APTOPIX Supreme Court Wedding Cake-6

Mark Saal recently editorialized on the case of the Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple (”Columnist finds it sad that baker, same-sex couple have reached this point,” Dec. 3). I would like to comment on Saal’s statement that Jesus would have baked...

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: The stuff you collect in prison makes all the difference

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“I promised my shoes to someone months ago. They aren’t the best, but like a lot of junk in here, they are valued,” Brian Wood writes this week.

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Our institutional crisis is upon us

FBI Director Wray

“Only recently, it was widely assumed that if Trump fired Mueller, many Republicans would rise up to defend our institutions. Now, many in the party are laying the groundwork for justifying a cover-up,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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Bannon's garbage case for Roy Moore

Alabama Senate Unorthodox Campaign

“As Democrats at long last begin to dump Bill Clinton, Bannon wants to adopt the ethics of the party of Clinton,” writes Rich Lowry.

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