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Our View: SAGE tests replace CRTs

State education officials are fretting over poor grades from the federal government in regards to public schools. In fact, some want to not even release grades for


More socialism in Box Elder County

Editor, Citizens who love Utopia are choosing to love socialism. You may not like the word, "socialism," but that is exactly what UTOPIA is. We have so much


Cartoons portray president unfairly

Editor, As I recall, a year or more ago, cartoonist Calvin Grondahl submitted for the amusement of his viewers his version of the president of the United States as

National Commentary

Scotland delivers a welcome lesson in democracy

Scots discovered at 6:08 a.m. Friday that they won’t break up the United Kingdom to become an independent nation. In the Glasgow hotel where the much-maligned

Guest Commentary

It's easy to vote in Davis County

With very little effort, you can be an outstanding Utah citizen! You can register to vote. One in four eligible Utahns don't even register. And you can be

National Commentary

Democrats shouldn't rely on pot and gay marriage

After George W. Bush won re-election in 2004, Democrats had a bit of a freak-out about social issues. Prominent strategists, and even their losing presidential

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Our View: State school board confusion

A top priority for Utah’s Legislature needs to be fixing the flawed procedure in determining state school board candidates. Recently, a judge ruled that the

Extra Point , Staff Columns

Jim McMahon crossed many lines and he's loved for it

We wouldn’t admire Jim McMahon so much if he wasn’t … Jim McMahon. If the former BYU star and Super Bowl-winning quarterback was more like the


Reader agrees with Porter on armed teachers

Editor, I am in absolute agreement with Don Porter’s views pertaining to armed teachers in our schools. (“Poorly trained teacher militia won't make


Riverdale wave deserves to come back

Editor, The Riverdale wave, at the Riverdale Kayak Park, was the finest surf wave in Utah before 2011, when there was enough water. If the flows got above 1200 cfs

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Like it or not, Whittingham loves Jimmy Mac

Kyle Whittingham set a record that night, but nobody ever talks about it. It’s easy to see why: Jim McMahon stole the show. Down by 20 points late in the...

Our View: A prison in Box Elder?

Box Elder County is in the running to have a new state prison built there, but so are a couple of dozen more sites, including Weber and Davis counties. ...