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A turbulent week for Trump overshadows Clinton's vulnerabilities

Campaign 2016 Clinton Martha's Vineyard

“This was a week in which any number of developments could have put Clinton on the defensive,” writes Dan Balz. “Instead, days of turmoil inside Donald Trump's campaign made the Republican nominee the big story — and the coverage of his campaign was anything but flattering....

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Who deserves praise and criticism in Northern Utah this week?

MH 081016 Helping Hands 12-24

“A Moment in the Ring” gave special needs entrants a chance to shine at the Weber County Fair. But in downtown Ogden, vandals ruined a four-legged piece of art.

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Donald Trump's sour Virginia cocktail

State Fair Democrats Illinois

Donald Trump has handed Hillary Clinton a big lead in Virginia, writes E.J. Dionne. And the same thing is happening in North Carolina.


Column: The vicious cycle of prison, release and prison again

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

Many prisoners want a better life after release, but have no idea how to get it. The deck is stacked against felons as is.


Our public lands are an American birthright

Public Lands Battle

As an Ogden resident, I read “Congressman Rob Bishop aims for finality through Public Lands Initiative” in the Aug. 12 Standard-Examiner with dismayed interest. I’m also a Vietnam veteran and former Navy SEAL, who considers our public lands an American birthright. After Vietnam, I...


Sea Bears restaurant, Union Station gun controversy blown way out of proportion

BS 031116 Sea Bears 03-2

Gun-averse columnist plans on patronizing Sea Bears Ogden Fish House, in spite of their views on the Second Amendment.


Bishop does not represent Mormon values

Bishop hopes for finality with PLI bill

I am new to Utah — Christian but not Mormon. U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop’s campaign manager, Andy Pierucci, stated Bishop’s consistent support is due to Bishop “representing the values and views of the majority of the district.” I do not understand this. Bishop is rude and...

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Does it take a 25% tax hike to find the money for Weber County pay raises?

SW 081516 Weber County Tax Hearing 01

Weber County employees need raises. But when commissioners earn $175,000 a year, does it take a 25 percent property tax increase to find the money?

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The bare truth about burkinis

France Burkinis

In a free society, people live and let live. If French politicians don’t like burkinis, they have an option, writes Steve Chapman — don’t wear one.

Guest Commentary

For the time being, at least, a Catch-22 on medical marijuana

BZ 021916 Marijuana Senate 07-4

“Eventually, marijuana will be properly classified to provide the societal good that we seek from our medications and drugs,” writes E. Kent Winward. “We should encourage our legislators to fund research and be educated and aware about the positive and negative benefits drugs can...

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