NFL players aren't being disrespectful when they take a knee during the anthem

NFL Protests Football Kaepernick

I would like to respectfully add my voice to the debate over the actions of the NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem as a protest. The objective of the players who participate is to bring the attention of the nation to issues of social injustice. As a country ,we have been dealing...

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No one wins the oppression Olympics

Intergenerational Poverty Program-1

“Perhaps it's time to stop focusing on how our particular privileges help us and start thinking about how to use whatever privileges we may possess to make others' lives better,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Be that person who makes a difference in a kid's life

Farmers Market Recital-4

“Most of us wish we could give a better world to the kids around us. But through small, powerful moments, we can create a better world for them,” writes D. Louise Brown.


Pedestrians need to be cited for crossing against a red light

Don't Walk

Something which I have observed is how pedestrians have crossed the roads against the “don’t walk” signal. Might I ask why? Isn’t this just as illegal as driving a vehicle through a red light? I’d say it is. Of course it is. Motorists get cited for driving through...

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Remember what happened to Endy

Endy Cache County police dog

Endy didn’t deserve to die alone in a broiling vehicle. But then, no animal does.

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Trump's great regulatory rollback

Trump Climate Plan

“If the future of the planet is at stake and it requires a generational effort to save it, surely it is not too much to ask that a statute or two be enacted by Congress explicitly committing the country to the task,” writes Rich Lowry.

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In Utah, police body cam footage is public record for a reason

Nurse Arrested Video-4

Police body cam footage is a public record. And this is why — because it helped the public hold the Salt Lake City PD accountable for the actions of its officers.

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What do Hatch and Lee think about the president's behavior?

Trump Republicans Backlash Corker

Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, stood up to President Trump. Don Porter wonders if Utah’s congressional delegation is capable of the same courage.


Differences between Utah, Canadian weddings are remarkable

My husband and I just returned from a family wedding in Calgary. Cultural differences between weddings here and there are striking. Here we stand in interminably long lines waiting to shake hands with and congratulate the bride and groom and make superficial conversation with bridesmaids/groomsmen...


Force credit bureaus to let consumers freeze, unfreeze accounts without charge

Congress Equifax Data Breach

I am appalled at the cavalier way Equifax has treated our personal information during its recent security breach. I am angry that I now have to pay each of the credit reporting bureaus to freeze my account and then again to unfreeze it when I need more credit. Even when requesting to pay for a...

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