Guest Commentary

Chaffetz for governor? An S-E reader conversation


Here’s how readers reacted when U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced he wouldn’t seek a sixth term — then said he might step down early.

National Commentary

Trump's misguided thinking on visas and trade

Trump executive orders

Economic interaction with the rest of the world isn’t bad for America; it’s good.

National Commentary

With North Korea, we do have cards to play

Koreas Tension Trump-1

“There are deals to be made. They may have to be underpinned by demonstrations of American resolve,” writes Charles Krauthammer.


Thanks to the person who found woman's wallet in Roy and returned it

Southwest branch library Roy

Earlier this month, my adult daughter lost her wallet in the Roy Library parking lot. She was beside herself because it contained what most people have in their wallets. Her employer was wonderful and allowed her time off on that Friday to make a report to the Roy Police and to go home to cancel...

National Commentary

Even without a border wall, Trump is reducing illegal immigration

Border Tour Sessions

“If Trump had promised to almost immediately reduce illegal border crossings from Mexico to a 17-year low, it would have been dismissed as bombast,” writes Rich Lowry. “But here we are.”

Real Estate , Guest Commentary

Real estate column: How not to prepare your home for a showing

Jen Kirchhoefer

You do this long enough and you think you have seen it all. Turns out, I haven’t. 

Our View

Deserae Turner — a hero at 14

Girl Shot Teens Charged Deserae Turner

Deserae Turner’s assailants shot her in the head and left her to die in a Northern Utah drainage ditch, but she had other ideas.

National Commentary

"Sexual paranoia" arrives on campus

Unwanted Advances

Feminists probably aren’t going to like Laura Kipnis’s new book about sexual politics on America’s college campuses, writes Esther J. Cepeda.


City, county need to do more to promote Ogden Mustangs

Mustangs 041417 cibulka

Hats off to owner Lori Miller and the entire Ogden Mustangs hockey team organization. The Mustangs just finished a great season, culminating with the team hosting the Western States Hockey League Championship Tournament — the Thorne Cup — at the Weber County Ice Sheet and finishing in...

Column , Me, Myself as Mommy

Columnist: Head off that midlife crisis before you buy that flashy buggy

Midlife crisis stock photo

“A major issue for my age group is mental health. It’s during this time in our lives, much as in our teenage years, when hormones either kick in or kick off.”

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