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Michael Flynn: The case of the cover-up in search of a crime

Trump White House Turmoil Flynn

“Why did Flynn lie? Until we answer that, the case of the cover-up in search of a crime remains unsolved,” writes Charles Krauthammer.


Left and its immigration policies are responsible for the decline of America

Secondary BS 021617 Betos 02-9

Can we talk? Of all the irrational and destructive trends gripping America in recent years, from ever-expanding government funded by unrepayable debt, to a godless culture that glorifies wanton sexual anarchy, to universities acting as far-left brainwashing centers, none is more disastrous,...


Find whoever's responsible for killing family's pet horse, Cinnamon

Horse shooting 6 Cinnamon

As a Standard-Examiner reader and longtime subscriber, I am for the most part impressed with the caring and integrity of the editor. All in all, the paper is informative and involved in our community happenings. I do pray and hope reporters are not going to stop looking for the heartless person(s)...

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Trump delivers a series of raw, personal attacks on the media. Predictably

Trump-4 News Conference

Donald Trump wanted to deflect the public’s attention from Russia and Michael Flynn, so he attacked the media. Which was predictable, writes Chris Cillizza.

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Tell us what news sources you trust — and what sources you don't

Standard-Examiner copies

The Standard-Examiner is participating in the Trusting News project. You can, too. It starts with a survey.

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Work doesn't need to be "fun" in order to be meaningful

Deep Work Cover

“We have got to get over this idea that work must be entertaining in order for it to have meaning,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.


Utah's GOP lawmakers aren't going to listen to anyone with opposing views

Chaffetz Comes Home-1 Sablan

While interesting, Carol McNamara’s column regarding protest versus more effective ways of communicating with political rivals strikes me as incurably naïve (“Millennials may be the key to breaking through America's political impasse,” Feb. 14 Standard-Examiner). Case in...

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Editorial cartoons are dying. Why? Because of timid and conservative editors

Cagle edit toon 2-16-17

“A good editorial cartoonist dislikes everybody. We attack whoever is in power,” writes Daryl Cagle.

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Utah lawmakers have no business getting between women and their doctors

Public Lands Lawmaker Complaint Ivory

Doctors know best how to treat their patients. They need every tool at their disposal, especially when dealing with someone in rural Utah, far from a clinic, hospital or specialist.

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Free speech for Corey Lewandowski — and everybody else

APTOPIX Breitbart Editor Berkeley Fire

Debate, writes Steve Chapman, is “the beating heart of a free, democratic society.” But try telling that to the faculty and students who attempted to keep Corey Lewandowski from speaking at the University of Chicago.

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