Liberal media bias on full display in kerfuffle over Trump and Russia

Trump Russia Manafort

Intrepid reporters for major news networks may have unwittingly revealed little-known secrets of successful diplomacy. With all the kerfuffle over American diplomats, senators, and presidential advisers making contact with Russian officials, it has come to light that Republicans have been doing it...

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Somebody messed with the breakfast service. Now an Ogden church needs help

Church break-in Miller

The Emmanuel Church of God in Christ is a small Ogden congregation that serves Sunday breakfast to the homeless. It needs our help recovering from a burglary over the weekend.


Columnist Meg Sanders is the Platte River of baking


Thanks to Netflix, Meg Sanders has discovered the perfect hobby combining television and food — “The Great British Bake Off.”


Utah: Mecca for ATV riders

grn rvr trip0029.JPG

“Our state offers some 75,000 miles of OHV trail. I haven’t ridden all of them, but I guess I will die trying.”

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Column: Anglers should be happy about flooding, even if it delays fishing

Fly fishing Utah Spencer Durrant Column

The fishing season will be different this year. It’ll be harder. But we can’t complain about having too much water.

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Trump is running the government like a business — a failing business

Trump US Germany-5 Merkel

“No competent business executive would operate a company the way Trump has operated his administration,” writes Steve Chapman.


Sadly, our politicians aren't up to the task of addressing climate change

Ogden lawmaker goes to bat for local issues

Welcome to the Anthropocene! In August 2016, the British-led Working Group on the Anthropocene determined that human beings’ collective impact on the earth is so significant that it will appear in the geologic record. The invention of plastics, the widespread use of nitrogen fertilizers,...


Utah lawmakers found a way around the 21st Amendment

SW 022717 Harp Hound BAC Ogden bar 02

In 1933, the U.S. Congress passed the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, thus ending Prohibition. In 2017, the Utah Legislature found a way around that amendment when it lowered the BAC limit to .05. Instead of outlawing alcohol outright, our legislators made it as difficult as possible to drink...


KUED-TV is a tremendous value for Utahns

KUED logo

We’ve all heard about the cuts proposed in the president’s budget that include elimination of funding for public broadcasting. We also know from the experience of running our own households that prudent budgeting requires a prioritization of expenditures based upon how valuable they are...

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When you're the president, there's no such thing as "just a tweet"

Trump Russia Comey

“Every administration gets knocked off its game early on by something,” writes Rich Lowry. “What makes the furor over President Trump's wiretapping claims so remarkable is how unnecessary it is.”

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