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Give firefighters a break on Pioneer Day

BZ 072414 HOUSE FIRE 01

Give firefighters a break. Don’t start another 20 fires on Pioneer Day.

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In convention's rocky start, deeper questions emerge about Trump

GOP 2016 Cleveland Melania Trump

The Republican National Convention didn’t start especially well, writes Karen Tumulty. But the good news for Donald Trump is that it runs through Thursday.  


Fly the flag at half-staff in memory of the Republican Party

GOP 2016 Cleveland Wall Brigade

We, like many of you, have flown our American flag at half-staff a lot over the last few years, most recently because of the police officers killed in the line of duty in Dallas and Baton Rouge. We will continue to fly the flag at half-staff throughout the Republican National Convention, in...

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Utah's new drone law can save lives. But it also poses a risk

Special Legislative Session

Drone jamming technology can save lives and property. But if it’s misused, it also poses a threat to newsgathering.

Standard Deviations

Grow up, America: Trump-Pence logo no more sexually suggestive than any other

Campaign 2016 Trump Logo-2

As a self-described immature columnist, Mark Saal says he’s surprised to be the one pointing to a lack of maturity surrounding the Trump-Pence logo debut.


Personal cars, trucks part of a "complex system of violence"


If you dare, take the keys to your personal motor vehicle, hang them up for a month and engage in the gentle traveling ways of walking, bicycling, or riding the train/trax/bus. If you do this, soon all around you will experience motoring aggression that has been obscured into an insensitive...

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Donald Trump turns up the racially charged rhetoric with 3 simple words

Lives Matter Rally

Donald Trump’s resurrection of the words “law and order” recall the racially charged politics of the 1960s, writes Max Ehrenfreund. It could prove divisive.

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Who possesses the temperament, character and wisdom to keep us safe?

Campaign 2016 Trump

The war on terror takes more than bullets and bombs, writes Kathleen Parker. You also need a leader with wisdom and a sound temperament.


We need forgiveness and friendliness not revenge and violence

Police Shot Baton Rouge

Jasmine Pittman wrote a July 13 guest commentary titled “Scared, angry and black — life after Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.” Well, I am a police family member who is scared, angry and white. We need our police force. Who else will help us when we really do need help?...


Utah's school system must've failed Trump supporters

Campaign 2016 Trump Pence

I keep reading the letters to the editor and believe Donald Trump’s supporters didn’t get a good education in Utah’s schools. Language: We’re almost a bilingual nation. Trump’s supporters want to send immigrants back where they came from. Math: Trump filed for...

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