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Don't expect less of low-income minority students and their families

CHICAGO — We've heard for years that when it comes to African-Americans, Hispanics and low-income minority communities in general, expectations for academic achievement are low. Indeed, the Center for American Progress found in 2014 that 10th-grade teachers thought that African-American...


McKitrick a deserving winner of the S-E's Standard of Excellence Award

Thumbs up and congratulations to the Standard-Examiner for honoring reporter Cathy McKitrick with the Standard of Excellence Award. Cathy’s consistently excellent writing first caught my attention to bylines of local news articles. Now I pay attention to bylines to see where the news is...

Our View

Ski buses — good for the environment, good for the economy, good for everybody

Skiing, mass transit and the environment — we can have it all in northern Utah. For proof, look at all the skiers who rode buses this season. The Utah Transit Authority announced last week that ridership on ski buses from downtown Ogden increased more than 42 percent between 2012 and 2016,...


Springsteen stands up for LGBT rights

Kind of like how some businesses refuse to provide their services because of their stance on same-sex marriage? Columnist Mark Saal explores the question.


Canyon road could offer an alternative to North Ogden Divide

As a part-time resident of the Ogden Valley, I drive there almost every week. I see the hazards that cyclists face going up Ogden Canyon and over the North Ogden Divide. The hazards are real and substantial. Our economy is invested heavily in the bicycle industry. Clearly there is a need for a bike...

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Is God a pasta monster? That's a legal question

What's a religion? The question is fundamental to the legal analysis of religious freedom, yet courts avoid addressing it. The Supreme Court has never given a concrete answer. The result: Courts don't claim to be able to define religion, but think they know it when they see it. The consequences can...

National Commentary

Humane business practices make sense karmically — and economically

WASHINGTON — As the human circus of presidential politics has plodded along for what seems a decade now, a revolution has been taking place in the ever-more-dignified animal kingdom. Several victories in just the past few weeks have raised cheers, or their equivalent, in aquariums, barnyards...

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: A little support can go a long way

Columnist Brian Wood, who is serving a prison sentence at the Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison, says there’s more to get out of being in jail than just wishing for freedom.

Our View

Dreaming big at Weber State; Trailblazing at Dixie State

The Standard-Examiner editorial board hashes out the positions we take on the Opinion page. Here’s what members recommended last week for praise and criticism: THUMBS UP: To the donors who pushed Weber State University over the top in its Dream 125 campaign. WSU administrators announced the...

Guest Commentary

Cut taxes by cutting tariffs

Our anti-taxation heritage hearkens back to the Boston Tea Party, when a group of fledgling revolutionaries decided to protest taxation without representation through action. Of course, when the United States of America became a sovereign nation, the leaders of the revolution recognized that...

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