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In reality, there are no pure pure heroes and villains

GOP 2016 Trump Rally

“As long as we continue act like we're in a melodrama, we will never see the true sides of all the characters, their motivations, machinations and the parts they really play,” writes E. Kent Winward.

Guest Commentary

Ogden's resolution in support of immigrants — an S-E reader conversation

BS 021617 Betos 08

The Ogden City Council passed a measure this week affirming Ogden’s commitment to the civil liberties of immigrants. “I hope the federal government steps in,” one reader said.

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Give Mueller the resources to do his job quickly and thoroughly

Trump Russia Probe Mueller

The allegations have become so caught up in the bitter, partisan battles raging in Washington that Americans have no way of knowing where the truth lies.

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We need to strengthen the guardrails around Trump

Trump Coast Guard-1

“Redouble oversight of this errant president. Follow the facts, especially the Comey memos. And let the chips fall where they may,” writes Charles Krauthammer.


Realtor's stiletto column belonged in the Opinion section

AdobeStock_88465860.jpeg heels

The article "Can you trust a Realtor in stilettos?" on the front page of Home & Family in the May 12, 2017, edition of your newspaper is extremely offensive, misleading and not news. The title itself is very sexist, and leads one to believe the article would be sexist. Once reading, it's seem...

Real Estate

Real estate: Can you save money selling your own home?

Home Sales

Jen Kirchhoefer: Consider the paperwork, the inspections, the repairs ... and more.

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Thanks to automation, you don't find a lot of openings for pinsetters anymore

Labor Secretary-Robots

“We can argue about the best ways to train higher-skilled workers or to cushion the blow to workers of economic change, but technophobia is a formula for stagnation,” writes Rich Lowry.

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Of all the competitors at this year's Ogden Marathon, one stands out

Photo supplied Katie Slaugh Teralene Slaugh Marathon 01

This year’s Ogden Marathon will be one to remember — especially for Katie Slaugh.

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It's a mistake to assume anything about the Latino vote

Campaign 2016 Clinton Reno

“Whoever wants to win their votes in 2020 will be rewarded if they start making investments in Latino voter education and outreach right now,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.


North Ogden's Taylor deserves credit for trying to shake up UTA

BN 011415 N.Ogden Monroe 11-10 Taylor

My hat's off to North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor. He is trying to make the Utah Transit Authority a better organization and more responsible to the taxpaying public (”North Ogden mayor calls for UTA board leadership to step down,” May 3 Standard-Examiner). But apparently the only...

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