Our 401k savings are in the hands of banks "too big to fail"

I really wonder what will happen to the 401k system in America. Announcing that it can't trust itself or fix its mistakes and that Social Security is insolvent, the government encouraged both employers and employees to funnel their retirement contributions/savings into the hands of a financial...

National Commentary

The whole Republican Party goes rogue

WASHINGTON — The fixed smile on Donald Trump's face as Sarah Palin unleashed her free-association, who-knows-what-she'll-say-next harangue endorsing him on Tuesday sent its own message.

Our View

Thumbs up to police wives for honoring officer Doug Barney

The Standard-Examiner editorial board hashes out the positions we take on the Opinion page. Here’s what members recommended last week for praise and criticism: THUMBS UP: To Christel Thompson and the police wives who made “thin blue line” ribbons Wednesday in memory of Unified police officer Doug...

Guest Commentary

Confronting the American refugee crisis in Texas

Family detention of women and children has become big business for Corrections Corporation of America, a for-profit prison company raking in millions in profits by jailing women and children fleeing crime and violence in Central America. The CCA operates the largest detention center of mothers and...


Bishop, Chaffetz orchestrating a land grab on behalf of the oil industry

I find it necessary to analyze the public land grab our U.S. Reps. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz are trying to pass off on Utah citizens to benefit the oil and gas industry. This decision will impact all of us, and with oil and gas prices falling, why the need? We see the damage of fracking all...


Keep daylight saving time. Ditch the switch

Our View

Governor Herbert, tear down this Zion Curtain

The Soviet Union built an Iron Curtain to protect itself from the West. Eventually, the wall crumbled. Utah erected a Zion Curtain to prevent children from seeing bartenders mix drinks in restaurants. It, too, needs to come down; it does nothing to achieve its stated purpose — protecting...

Standard Deviations

Column: Apparently, best-laid plans almost always involve alcohol

Mark Saal’s column quips about two men who scheme to double-cross one man and instead double-cross each other. 


Science, majority of Utahns support return of the Lobo

I read with interest Leia Larsen’s recent “Conservationists Howl for Mexican wolf Protection in Utah” (Jan. 4 Standard-Examiner). I’ve served as a conservationist stakeholder on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Mexican Wolf Recovery Team and take issue with the...

National Commentary

Q: Why would Cruz insult New Yorkers? A: The Electoral College

When it comes to votes, the state of New York is a gold mine. In the 2012 presidential election, more than 11 million New Yorkers were registered. By itself, New York accounted for half of Barack Obama's margin of victory in the popular vote over Mitt Romney. You might think Republicans who want to...

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