Questioning a monument doesn't deny the history that led to it

Confederate Monument Protest Divided Virginia-1

Ogden Standard Examiner contributor D. Louise Brown (“America Shouldn’t Be in the Business of Taking Down Statues,” Aug. 31) compares monuments honoring those who led the fight to uphold slavery with preserved sections of Parliament that were bombed and blackened during prolonged...

Our View

Our View: There's no shame in jumping on the bandwagon

BZ 091117 Raptors Owlz Celebration 03-1

For a team in a city like ours, there’s no shame in jumping on the Raptors bandwagon — and it’s not too late to do so.


The Homefront: Young moms, enjoy your alone time guilt free

D. Louise Brown

As the school year starts and some mothers send the last of their kids off to school, it’s normal — and perfectly OK — to feel a sense of relief.

National Commentary

iPhone X shows Unabomber's manifesto was eerily clairvoyant

Apple Showcase-2

The introduction of the new iPhone X — which features wireless charging, facial recognition and a price tag of $999 — appears to be a minor event in the advance of technology. But it's an excellent illustration of something that has long gone unrecognized: The Unabomber had a point.


America shouldn't be in the business of preserving Confederate statues

Confederate Statues New Orleans-1 Davis

With the recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, I have had cause to ponder the way bigots act today versus the clarity we had back in the 60's. Liberals use the term "dog whistle," which refers not to a whistle only dogs can hear but rather to code racists use when they try to express...

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Our View: Grassroots Utah group creating more civil talk, more civil action

MWEG co-founder urges nonviolent engagement

More groups — including our two main political parties — should take note of the civil, productive discourse Mormon Women for Ethical Government is working to create.

Guest Commentary

Column: The portrait in Ogden’s Attic

MICHAEL VAUGHAN editorial contributor

The protagonist in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray displays an exterior of youth and beauty. Dorian is fixated on the image he displays to the world. Meanwhile, a portrait hidden in Dorian’s attic provides a continuing visual record of his true character, which is a life of...


It's the semi-annual airing of grievances (and praise) for Don Porter

TEC-Digital Life-Cyber Spring Cleaning-Tips

Twice per year, Don Porter gives readers a sampling of the feedback he gets from his weekly columns. “I get to write what’s on my mind; readers get to do the same thing,” he writes. 


U.S. should take down statues if they glorify a dark part of history

AP Explains Robert E Lee

I could not agree less with D. Louise Brown (”America shouldn't be in the business of taking down statues,” Aug. 31). Would she care to see a statue in downtown Salt Lake City of Missouri Gov. Lilburn Boggs, the author of the extermination order against the Missouri Mormons? He is a...

Standard Deviations

Column: Remembering the incident we should 'never forget'

World Trade Center-Reopening-11

“We’ve been admonished to “never forget” the events of Sept. 11, 2001. I’m embarrassed to say that, for a sleepy instant on Monday morning, I indeed forgot,” Mark Saal writes this week. 

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