National Commentary

Spend a lot of time standing in line at the airport? Thank the feds

Airport Security Long Lines

“The agency in charge of aviation security has become a major problem,” writes Steve Chapman. “That's odd, because it was supposed to be a solution.”

Standard Deviations

Sunglasses, hats and pants: Mormon missionaries be stylin'

Sisters in pants

Pants, people. Mark Saal tackles how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently made a few changes to the dress standards for its missionaries for the latest Standard Deviations. AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PHOTOS OF WHITE SHIRTS?


Trump's rise is similar to Hitler's

GOP 2016 Trump Christie

I see the latest Fox News poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton. I've often wondered how Adolf Hitler was able to dupe the Germans into putting him in power. Now we are witnessing the same sort of thing here in the United States of America! Who would have ever believed it? Gullibility...

National Commentary

By refusing to release his tax returns, Trump does Clinton a favor

GOP 2016 Trump’s Reassurance Tour

The GOP is about to nominate the one candidate less transparent than Hillary Clinton, writes Jennifer Rubin. That lets her off the hook on any number of issues.

Guest Commentary

Bathrooms, transgender students and Obama: A reader conversation

LGBT One School

A reader took President Obama to task for ordering public schools to accommodate transgender students in bathrooms. “Obama Derangement Syndrome is real,” a Facebook user wrote in response.

National Commentary

Doctors have a right — and duty — to discuss guns

NRA Convention

In a nation with more than 30,000 annual deaths from gunfire, and more than 70,000 injuries, promoting the safe storage and handling of guns is an obvious task for public health professionals. At least, it should be. As a paper published online this week at the Annals of Internal Medicine argues,...

National Commentary

Donald, Hillary and the Bernie factor

Clinton Kentucky

“Under normal circumstances, Clinton wins,” writes Charles Krauthammer. “But if the fire alarm goes off between now and Election Day, all bets are off.”


Teacher thrilled at the growth shown by Ben Lomond HS students

LEAD BZ 110314 STEM Conference 05-4

As another round of SAGE testing comes to an end, I want to express my gratitude and pride in the students, parents, teachers and community of Ben Lomond High School. I've been a teacher at Ben Lomond for 10 years and have three Ben Lomond grads of my own who are proud to be Scots! Despite the...


Former Ogden City Council colleagues: Gochnour will help build a better county

BZ 091614 Hispanic Heritage Meeting 05-4

Collectively, we have all worked alongside Caitlin Gochnour as fellow members of the Ogden City Council for several years. We all understand the importance of bringing people together to make the most informed decisions, and Caitlin brought an important voice to the council. Caitlin always...

Our View

Ogden should embrace a competitive sports advisory board

BZ 061715 WSU Football Camp 16-9

A competitive sports advisory board could help create a brighter future for Ogden’s children. Edd Bridge, Ogden City’s recreation manager, at a May 17 city council meeting, proposed the creation of an advisory board. The idea is to create a middle level between just-for-fun leagues and the...

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