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The new politics of fear

France Russia Election

“Now, the radicalization of the right threatens the consensual welfare state capitalism that gave the West decades of relative social peace and prosperity,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr. “France is the latest example, and a dramatic one.”

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

MH 113016 Eric Ellsworth Burial 30-13

Northern Utah bid a heartfelt farewell to fallen UHP trooper Eric Ellsworth. But meanwhile, somebody did a lot of damage by scattering nails on Harrisville street.


Divorced woman didn't need to rely on husband for home, car

BW 09022015 Divorce Care Class 006-5

I have to respond to Charlene Hecker’s Nov. 26 letter, “Woman no longer wants to be part of a church whose members supported Trump,” not because of her stance on Donald Trump or her issues with the LDS Church. She is fully entitled to her opinion on both. My issue is with her...


The flag is the symbol of our core beliefs and values

DEM 2016 Philadelphia-22

Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations: The true meaning of Christmas? To love the unlovable

World's Largest Nativity

Clint Eastwood’s ‘Unforgiven’ character had it right. Mark Saal’s latest Standard Deviations.

Guest Commentary

Why do some individuals feel the need to burn the flag?

MH 113016 Eric Ellsworth Burial 34-17

“To become a united country, our goal should be inclusion, to the point where the flag symbolizes protection and prosperity for everyone,” writes E. Kent Winward. “Burning the flag shouldn't turn us into a tribal, mindless tweet mob.”

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Don’t blame Weber County employees for next year’s 21 percent tax increase

Lead BZ 112916 Weber Budget Hearing 01-3

Blame county commissioners for the 21 percent tax increase. Blame voters. But don’t blame county employees.

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It's time to end discrimination against gays

Pence Indiana

“Sooner or later, discrimination against gays will no longer be treated as an acceptable, legal practice,” writes Steve Chapman. “Then Americans will wonder why on earth it took so long.”


Box Elder County residents need to oppose municipal service tax

Box Elder feasibility study

We have class wars, race wars and a new one, incorporated vs. unincorporated wars. Government uses these divisions so that they can retain their power and control over the people. The Box Elder County Commissioners feel that the people who live in unincorporated areas are not paying their fair...

National Commentary

How Trump forgot about his promise to keep Carrier jobs in the U.S.


During the campaign, Donald Trump promised to keep Carrier in Indiana. But that was news to Trump, writes Katie Zezima.

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