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Ebola patients can't wait

Six months into the worst Ebola epidemic in history, the world is losing the battle to contain the disease. Leaders are failing to come to grips with this


Columnist Purcell is full of baloney

Editor, I read with interest Mr. Tom Purcell’s Sept. 3 column in the Standard-Examiner (“The taste of government control”). He talked about the

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Relax. Getting into college has actually gotten easier.

Every week, I read a new headline about the newly cutthroat world of college admissions. In April, major news outlets across the country reported that Stanford


Sidewalks needed on North Ogden street

Editor, Re: sidewalks on 2550 North in North Ogden, let’s start using common sense again in our governments. Does it make sense to anyone that a road with

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Democrats could lose Senate for a long time

Democrats curse their luck in 2014 — a midterm in a president’s (often) grim sixth year, with most of the competitive races taking place in states won

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Our View: A more hawkish America

On the 13th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, America is becoming more hawkish. Last night, President Barack Obama outlined efforts to combat the

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Obama at war

WASHINGTON — There’s an air of tragedy about President Barack Obama. He wants to chart a new course — pivot to the Pacific, end the long decade of


Why are we expected to act unilaterally?

Editor, Here’s something to think about. What if a violent drug cartel in Mexico was running amok, killing innocent people, kidnapping and killing


Majority in Kaysville do not speak out

Editor,   Kaysville politics is certainly interesting. Never in the 146 year history of that city have so many voices arisen claiming to speak for the

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More questions for the president regarding ISIS

MEDFORD, Mass. — After a pre-speech rollout campaign that surpassed any of President Barack Obama’s other foreign policy initiatives in recent years, we

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