Lawmakers need to stop prostituting themselves to the gun lobby

Congress Las Vegas Shooting-10

So far this year we have had the Las Vegas and Texas church massacres and all our congressional folks can do is send their thoughts and prayers to the families and victims of those atrocious acts. Well, to that I say bull fritters. They need to stop praying and thinking and get off their sorry...

Behind Bars

Behind Bars: Different backgrounds often equalized in prison setting

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

“Because of the shared experience of being a prisoner, I don’t always fully appreciate all the countless backgrounds and experiences that are represented in here,” Brianw Wood writes this week. 

National Commentary

Trump's real constituency: The Super Rich

Congress Taxes

“Trump's willingness to help Republican leaders pay off their largest contributors is the clearest explanation for why they debase themselves through their complicity with him,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

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This week’s topics: Yoga for the homeless, UDOT, contraceptives for low-income Utahns, and Rep. Rob Bishop’s attempt to gut the Endangered Species Act.

National Commentary

Trumpism without Trump? It isn't possible

Governor's Race-35

“It is difficult enough for a candidate to run away from a conventional president of his own party; it is going be even harder with a president who dominates the media to an extent no other president has, and courts — nay, enjoys — radioactive controversies,” writes Rich...


The NRA is why we don't have smart guns

Church Shooting Gun Debate

To his credit, President Bill Clinton negotiated an agreement with the gunmaker Smith & Wesson. S&W would develop a “smart gun” (one that would read the owner’s fingerprint on the trigger and could only be fired for him). This would help prevent firearms from falling...


Give free needles to diabetics, not drug users

BZ 050817 Needles Exchange 06-3

Regarding the needle exchange program going on in Ogden, why are we encouraging this? Let’s let all of the diabetics who have multiple injections a day get in line for free syringes also. My Medicare pays for my chem strips and lancets to monitor my blood sugar, but I spend a ridiculous...

Standard Deviations

WSU physics faculty competes for scientific improv supremacy

MARK SAAL SIG StandardDeviationsPRINT.jpg

Cheap plastic trophy is ‘pretty close’ to winning a Nobel Prize. Or the Stanley Cup.

National Commentary

Harvard and Yale should stop playing football

Aaron Hernandez Brain

“With every game, Yale and Harvard are knowingly exposing their young charges to the serious risk of permanent incapacitating neurological injuries,” writes Steve Chapman. “How many students' brains have to be wrecked before they decide to stop?”

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Now let's develop a school bond proposal the entire community can support

SW 102617 Polk Elementary 02

Ogden will rally around the right plan to improve its schools. But this wasn’t it.

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