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A guide to obstruction of justice, executive privilege and impeachment

Trump Russia Probe

“Trump's critics are quick to jump to calls for impeachment, but it's a complex and highly political process,” writes Michelle Ye Hee Lee.


With President Trump, the results speak for themselves

Trump US Germany Merkel

In response to John W. Reynolds’ letter on “presidential dignity” (SE July 11, 2017) some thoughts come to mind. First of all, he states that “results speak for themselves.” OK, I will agree with that! So, what results did President Trump achieve in his six months in...

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Bungled collusion is still collusion

Trump Russia Probe

What Donald Trump Jr. did is not just stupid, writes Charles Krauthammer. “It is also deeply wrong, a fundamental violation of any code of civic honor.”

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Innocent people are being caught in Utah's civil forfeiture dragnet

Roll of cash

America’s justice system is built upon the principle that you’re innocent until proven guilty. In Utah, the system says guilt and innocence don’t matter — the state will take what it wants, when it wants it.

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Will Republicans ever break free of Trump?

Senate FBI Director Wray

The Trump administration “will lie, and lie, and lie again” whenever it’s confronted about colluding with Russia to throw the 2016 election, writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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Real estate column: It's not just a job. It's a lifestyle

Jen Kirchhoefer

This is real life, not HGTV. We don’t give our clients three homes to pick from and then force them to pick the least disgusting. In real life, even in this tight market, we have options.


Trump has a long list of unkept promises

Congress Health Care Trump

A letter to the editor published July 11 definitely deserves an answer. It was titled “Why all this fuss about the dignity of the presidency?” The author then went on to ask, “Shouldn’t we be more concerned about creating jobs, finding solutions to a broken health care...


Utah needs to ban the sale of fireworks


Regarding fireworks: You don't kill a rattlesnake by cutting off his tail. Congratulations to Sen. Joel Briscoe, D-Salt Lake City, for deciding to look into a statewide ban on private residents using fireworks in Utah. Yet to cut off the head of the fireworks snake we have to have a statewide ban...

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The use of deadly force could be linked to low self-control, a study finds

Police Shooting Wisconsin Heaggan-Brown

Better police training on use of force could improve community safety, writes Esther J. Cepeda. So is understanding an officer’s self-control.

Me, Myself as Mommy

Column: When did it become OK to insult the kids?

Frauen beim Tauziehen, Zickenkrieg, Streit, Konflikt

‘Suburban living is really starting to grate on my nerves — literal Suburban living, where it seems every issue I have with a driver involves a Suburban with a fully loaded mother behind the wheel.’

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