Doug "Boy Scout" Harding shows courage by a starting new life

BZ Doug Harding Summer Update 11-2


Standard Deviations: What the legislature really needs is more Republicans

Jesse Garcia supplied 2016

Mix-up thwarts Democrats’ plans to swap candidates for House District 10 race.

National Commentary

Nation is in desperate need of a history and civics revival

The Constitution

CHICAGO -- In our internet-connected world where cute is king and issues of substance tend to be discussed only if there's a catchy meme to share, people are far likelier to know that Sept. 17 was National Apple Dumpling Day than that it marked the beginning of Constitution Week. Pity the starry-...

Guest Commentary

Column: Ogden welcomes Congolese refugees

Secondary BS 061416 Congo Refugees 03-2

The welcome that Ogden’s new Congolese population has received has been truly remarkable, guest columnist Jeff Steagall writes. 

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Earth to Trump: birther admission too little, too late

Kathleen Parker


Headers need to be outlawed in youth soccer

MH 091516 Bonneville Woods Cross 23-14

Why are we allowing school children to head the ball in soccer? I am appalled at school boards for allowing it. I am appalled at parents for allowing their children to do it. Whose crazy idea was it to head the ball? No other sport involving a ball does it. We should be doing all we can to protect...


Public Lands Initiative will spoil Utah's beauty, kill tourism

Bishop hopes for finality with PLI bill

When you travel, where are your go-to places? I’ll bet they’re not big oil rigs next to red rock mountains. Not in overgrazed areas of Utah, either. You don't linger in those places. People from all over the world come to Utah. Tourism is a moneymaker! If we destroy our...


Column: The consequences of prison make you stop and think

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

Inmate Brian Wood says he thinks more about consequences before he acts now that the consequences are much more severe in prison. 

National Commentary

10 ways Trump gives Clinton an opening by re-upping the birtherism issue

Campaign 2016 Trump Colorado Springs

“Trump has proved Clinton's ‘deplorables’ comment correct,” writes Jennifer Rubin. “We are reminded of his central role in the birtherism conspiracy and the enthusiasm of his fans for it.”

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Secondary BS 090916 NCM Pianos 03-2

Nurture the Creative Mind’s pianos make downtown Ogden a vibrant places. Meanwhile, Utah politicians took more than $1 million from drugmakers even as opioid deaths in the state became a crisis.

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