Thumbs up, thumbs down

Friday , June 20, 2014 - 8:52 PM


Thumbs up to Hill Air Force Base for continuing its summer STARBASE camp for children. The Department of Defense program, in its third year, is designed to get kids excited about math, science, engineering and technology by showing the fun side of the subjects.

Thumbs down to the Legislature for not funding The Alternative Energy Interlocal Entity Board. The board, composed of city officials and lawmakers, was tasked with finding ways to improve air quality through the use of cleaner fuels. The panel was disbanded after a measure to hike utility bills by $1 to fund it failed in this year’s legislative session.

Thumbs up to the opening of the new Esurance Insurance Services Building in Business Depot Ogden last week. The company plans to hire 500 new workers, a certain boom to the Ogden-area economy.

Thumbs down to North Ogden City Council for deciding not to fund the extension of a sidewalk along 2550 North to make a walking route to Majestic Elementary and the nearby aquatics center and charter school safer for children.

Thumbs up and congratulations to Zion National Park for being the site of possibly the first condor chick born in the wild in Utah. Condors now regularly soar above the canyon walls becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Thumbs down to Utah for paying $2 million to fund a lobbyist to Congress to delay possible federal intervention to protect the state’s dwindling sage grouse population. The oil, gas and coal industry would be the most impacted if sage grouse habitat is protected, so they should pay for the lobbyist.

Thumbs up to LEGO for developing a new set featuring female scientists. When toys breakdown gender stereotypes it can have long-term social benefits.

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