Our View: Fireworks and common sense

Wednesday , June 25, 2014 - 2:17 PM

Editorial Board

It’s finally starting to become properly summer and hot in the Top of Utah. In little over a week, it will be the Fourth of July. With the hot weather comes the annual ritual of fireworks. Stands and stores will likely do a brisk business selling fireworks. Fireworks are permitted in some areas between July 1 and July 7 and July 21 and July 27.

We enjoy displays of fireworks, sometimes in the neighborhood, more often at stadiums or other large, sponsored gatherings. It is critical, though, that common sense accompany the use of fireworks.

There are many areas that ban fireworks. The reason is obvious — extreme fire conditions. Explaining why one area — most of Layton’s east side — bans fireworks, Layton Fire Chief Kevin Ward was succinct: “The ‘fuel loading’ (such as cotton and other flammables) as we call it is at (an) extremely high level, coupled with very low fuel moisture.”

Could that explanation be any clearer? It’s summer, it’s near the Fourth of July, and there are many danger areas for fires. Please readers, pay attention to areas where fireworks are banned, and obey the law. A list of local areas where fireworks are banned can be found here:  (More Utah information is here.)

Nevertheless, as every year, it’s a given that some people will ignore the bans. Many of us will grit our teeth as we hear fireworks set off in illegal areas or on days that fireworks are illegal. Such unsafe lack of respect for the law and common sense should not be tolerated. We urge law enforcement officers to be diligent and cite fireworks users who break the law.

It only takes one error in safe fireworks usage to destroy a lot of property and potentially human life. Under no circumstances should failure to observe the law be excused during the fireworks season.

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