Our View: Pineview parking embarrassment

Wednesday , July 09, 2014 - 1:52 PM

Editorial Board

If one wants to get near the Pineview Reservoir beaches around Huntsville via a vehicle, each driver pays a $5 per-vehicle fee at a toll both at 100 South at 6800 East. OK, that sounds fair.

But then, a half-mile further down 100 South, the same drivers encounter a second toll booth, run by American Land & Leisure, the concessionaire for U.S. Forest Service properties in Utah. At that toll booth, drivers pay an extra $13 to be able to use parking, restrooms and other facilities at Cemetery Point.

So, in order to have our vehicle access the main beach, we need to pay twice. That’s ludicrous.

The obvious solution is to have one booth that charges a fee that is shared by American Land & Leisure and Huntsville city. And that used to be what was done. Until recently, there was one toll booth that cost $13. From the $13, $1 was provided to Huntsville. Unfortunately, both sides — the town and the concessionaire — cannot reach an agreement on how to share the money. So we have the silly spectacle of two toll booths.

Both sides need to get together and work out a compromise in which they can share the toll proceeds. It is embarrassing to have two toll booths leading to the Pineview Reservoir beach. We’re sure it annoys a healthy percentage of the visitors to the beach. Both sides of this dispute have valid reasons for wanting a fair cut of the money. But it should never have degenerated into a situation in which vehicles encounter dueling toll booths.

This is the Top of Utah, not the U.S. Congress. Get together and settle this dispute American Land & Leisure and Pineview town. The situation is a laughingstock for those observing it. Don’t make it any more ridiculous than it already has become.

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