Our View: Keep cut-through traffic slow

Friday , July 11, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Editorial Board

Some Kaysville city residents are frustrated that motorists use Barnes Drive as a cut-through traffic option to get through the city quicker. There has been a request to the Kaysville City Council to close off the street by installing a cul-de-sac near where Barnes Drive intersects with Flint Street.

The council, as well as Kaysville Mayor Steve Hiatt, are correct in exercising caution before making a decision. It’s very possible that any solution that saves Barnes Drive from cut-through traffic will lead to another city street inheriting the same situation that annoys residents on Barnes. As has been advised by some, proper due diligence needs to be followed by city leaders.

The best thing the city can do at this time to alleviate this problem, and protect residents, is to make sure that traffic is moving slowly through the cut-through street. We hope that law enforcement in the city is keeping tabs on the road and ticketing those motorists who go too fast. Residents have reported that it’s not uncommon for vehicles to be traveling as high as 40 miles per hour through the residential area.

The council is doing a count of vehicles that are moving through Barnes Drive and has also agreed to putting speed bumps in on a temporary basis. They also have signs on Barnes that say “Local Traffic Only,” but that apparently has not been working well.

The best solution to ending too-fast driving through residential areas is to identify the drivers and make them pay a pricey ticket for breaking the law. A fine of several score dollars usually is a good reminder for a motorist not to press too hard on the gas.

On July 15, the Kaysville council plans to update residents on the Barnes Drive traffic situation. We’ll be interested in learning the results and if law enforcement has cracked down on the unsafe driving.

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