Our View: Suing Obama: a bad horror flick

Tuesday , August 05, 2014 - 12:37 PM

Editorial Board

The effort by Republicans in the U.S. House to sue President Barack Obama reminds us of a bad horror flick. You know, one of those ubiquitous cheapies where the baddies seem to be stifled in the end, but then there’s always that predictable “false” negative-ending twist so we can be burdened with another kitschy sequel.

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen here, Standard-Examiner readers. Speaker John Boehner, or Republicans in Congress, do not have standing to sue the president of the United States. They are not hurt -- in a legal sense -- by President Obama’s myriad of executive orders, whether pertaining to Obamacare, immigration, or otherwise. In other words, this is a colossal waste of time, a metaphorical 70 minutes of cheesiness to be be gulped by popcorn-gobbling partisans. 

The problem is, once the lawsuit is thrown out via judicial means and we think this horror flick is over, the mischief-makers in the GOP will throw in their own derivative “false ending.” They’ll up the ante from a Boehner-inspired lawsuit to an actual impeachment. With a solid U.S. House majority, impeachment of President Obama is actually quite likely. It will be stifled in the Senate, which doesn’t have enough partisans who care more about damaging the president than solving issues and problems. Any sequel to that horror flick fiasco would likely involve whomever is elected president in 2016.

To our members of Congress, including our Top of Utah locals Reps. Rob Bishop, stop this exercise in kitsch. However it starts, we need political adults on both sides to get together and work out these disagreements. Our disgust with this issue is not solely with the Republicans. President Obama’s recent petulance -- including calling Republicans in Congress “haters” -- lacks the dignity required of a commander in chief.

But it’s imperative that both sides learn to compromise, or count to 10 before they speak, or something. The first step toward adult behavior is to end this foolish lawsuit against the president.

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