Our View: Ogden project fights blight

Wednesday , August 06, 2014 - 3:01 PM

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Soon Junc­tion City will start con­struc­tion on the Oak Den Bun­ga­low sub­di­vi­sion, a $4.7 mil­lion proj­ect that will have 23 new homes by the cor­ner of 24th Street and Fowler Avenue. This is a great deal for Og­den city, and we com­mend lead­ers for pos­sess­ing the vi­sion to make it a re­al­ity. It will help fight blight in Og­den and as­sist in the city’s re­vi­tal­iza­tion.

There are mul­ti­ple fund­ing sources for Oak Den Bun­ga­low. Com­mu­nity Devel­op­ment block grants are con­trib­ut­ing $800,000-plus, the Utah Hous­ing Corp. is con­trib­ut­ing $560,000. Other fund­ing sources in­clude Og­den city cap­i­tal im­prove­ment proj­ect funds to­tal­ing $300,000, and there is a line of credit from GE Cap­i­tal Bank.

The new homes will be in a mid­block area be­tween Jack­son and Quincy av­e­nues. The area has been mostly va­cant for a long time. Ac­cord­ing to Og­den Com­mu­nity Devel­op­ment Man­ager Ward Og­den,the struc­tures will have an his­toric ar­chi­tec­ture style.

Og­den Mayor Mike Cald­well hopes that the re­vi­tal­ized neigh­bor­hood will have the ef­fect of mo­ti­vat­ing nearby city res­i­dents to im­prove their homes and prop­erty.

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This is a de­cent man­ner in which to in­vest in Og­den city and turn cur­rent eye­sores into at­trac­tive lo­ca­tions that will bring in new res­i­dents and fam­i­lies with jobs and money to spend in the com­mu­nity. The homes which are to be con­structed are solid, mid­dle-class struc­tures rang­ing in price from $189,000 to $225,000. Re­cently, it was an­nounced that six homes have been pre-sold so far for Oak Den Bun­ga­low.

The Oak Den Bun­ga­low proj­ect is not the first ef­fort in Og­den to fight blight. The city has com­pleted the Prai­rie Cove de­vel­op­ment, three homes on the north side of 23rd Street, east of Mon­roe Bou­le­vard, and last year the city ini­ti­ated the Lin­coln Cot­tages proj­ect, which will have 14 1,200-square-foot homes on a lot at ap­prox­i­mately 27th Street and Lin­coln Avenue.

If a city wants to get rid of its blight, it has to take the first steps, and start some­where. We’re glad Og­den city is tak­ing the ini­tia­tive.

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