Our View: Ogden project fights blight

Thursday , August 07, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Editorial Board

Soon Junction City will start construction on the Oak Den Bungalow subdivision, a $4.7 million project that will have 23 new homes by the corner of 24th Street and Fowler Avenue. This is a great deal for Ogden city, and we commend leaders for possessing the vision to make it a reality. It will help fight blight in Ogden and assist in the city’s revitalization.

There are multiple funding sources for Oak Den Bungalow. Community Development block grants are contributing $800,000-plus, the Utah Housing Corp. is contributing $560,000. Other funding sources include Ogden city capital improvement project funds totaling $300,000, and there is a line of credit from GE Capital Bank.

The new homes will be in a midblock area between Jackson and Quincy avenues. The area has been mostly vacant for a long time. According to Ogden Community Development Manager Ward Ogden,the structures will have an historic architecture style.

Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell hopes that the revitalized neighborhood will have the effect of motivating nearby city residents to improve their homes and property.

This is a decent manner in which to invest in Ogden city and turn current eyesores into attractive locations that will bring in new residents and families with jobs and money to spend in the community. The homes which are to be constructed are solid, middle-class structures ranging in price from $189,000 to $225,000. Recently, it was announced that six homes have been pre-sold so far for Oak Den Bungalow.

The Oak Den Bungalow project is not the first effort in Ogden to fight blight. The city has completed the Prairie Cove development, three homes on the north side of 23rd Street, east of Monroe Boulevard, and last year the city initiated the Lincoln Cottages project, which will have 14 1,200-square-foot homes on a lot at approximately 27th Street and Lincoln Avenue.

If a city wants to get rid of its blight, it has to take the first steps, and start somewhere. We’re glad Ogden city is taking the initiative.

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