Our View: Rob Bishop for U.S. Congress

Friday , October 17, 2014 - 3:33 PM

Standard-Examiner Editorial Board

In the race for Utah’s First U.S. Congressional House District, the Standard-Examiner Editorial Board endorses incumbent Republican Rep. Rob Bishop.

Both Bishop and his Democratic Party challenger, Donna McAleer, are impressive candidates. In fact, two years ago, this editorial board endorsed McAleer when she challenged Bishop. Our chief reason for returning to a Bishop endorsement is that replacing him in Congress is not in our state’s best interest. He is a national legislator with clout, a leader in the U.S. Congress. We believe that his leadership capacities are now accompanied by a more moderate representative, one who the past term has worked together with and sought consensus with Democrats on issues such as public lands and Hill Air Force Base.

Rob Bishop has the ability in Congress to achieve more for Utah and his district. Utahns can feel secure that he will be a strong advocate for Hill Air Force Base, public lands and other issues such as states’ rights. These are issues that resonate with voters in the Top of Utah.

Rep. Bishop has matured. He’s less of the Tea Party wannabe and more of a statesman willing to both listen and work hard for his constituents. He has always possessed a strong command of the issues and maintains a strong presence in his district, as well as active participation with his duties in Washington D.C. He’s an unapologetic conservative, which fits the demographics of his district. But he’s not an extremist. In fact, he expressed concern to us about some of the extreme right-wing conspiracy theories that he sometimes hears at town hall meetings, particularly on immigration.

Bishop, who is a veteran of the U.S. House, will provide a reasonable conservative voice in representing his constituents. He has the ability to tune out the nonsense partisanship and look for consensus on issues. That will be important in the next two years. There’s a chance that Republicans will control the entire Congress after the midterm elections. If so, we need mature, reasonable leaders to ignore cheap rhetoric and use wisdom and knowledge to work with President Barack Obama and the Democrats. Rep. Bishop will do that.

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