Our View: Get the Eisenhower Memorial through, Bishop

Tuesday , August 25, 2015 - 12:00 AM1 comment

Standard-Examiner Editorial Board

As former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole reminds us in a letter to the editor, it’s time for the Eisenhower Memorial, a fitting tribute for the former general and U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, to finally be completed. However, a chief obstacle to the memorial is our local U.S. congressan, Rep. Rob Bishop.

Dole, who also was the Republican Party presidential candidate in 1996, writes, “Rob has held up any progress because of concerns expressed by the four Eisenhower grandchildren.”

The former senator, who otherwise has praise for Bishop, his fellow party member, points out the obvious rejoinder to Bishop’s argument, writing, “I certainly appreciate the family’s concerns, but these have all been addressed. This is not a Memorial to the grandchildren. It is a Memorial to one of the greatest men in America’s history. Eisenhower saved the United States and liberated millions throughout Europe. He was — and continues to be — a hero to countless people throughout the world.”

We agree. The memorial is for one of our greatest Americans, the man who guided our nation and its allies through the most perilous challenge of the 20th century, World War II. It’s an appropriate memorial, it’s a beautiful memorial. Congress realized that long ago and authorized it. Bishop must cease using his powers to prevent this due to the wishes of a few at expense of all Americans.

Earlier this year, Dole wrote a column we published in support of the memorial. In the letter, he offers another, more poignant, reason to end the stonewalling, writing, “Maybe I am selfish, but some of us World War II and Korean veterans want to live long enough to be there for the dedication of the Memorial.”

More Greatest Generation vets are dying every day. Like Dole, they sacrificed so much on lands far away. They deserve to live to see the Eisenhower Memorial.

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