EnableUtah survived a fire, but it still needs help paying for the damage

Thursday , April 20, 2017 - 4:30 AM


EnableUtah helps people overcome challenges.

Now it faces a challenge of its own — a $150,000 challenge.

A devastating fire in early March forced EnableUtah to briefly shut down its shredder assembly.

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EnableUtah trains and employs workers with disabilities. As a stopgap measure, the nonprofit agency relocated its shredding staff and equipment to its main Ogden warehouse.

That kept people working, but it doesn’t pay for the damage. Insurers are still reviewing the claims, which could reach $150,000, said EnableUtah President Gavin Hutchinson.

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“Our ultimate hope is the insurance will cover the costs,” Hutchinson told JaNae Francis, a reporter for the Standard-Examiner. “I’m not sure to what level or expense.”

The community quickly rallied behind EnableUtah. Local companies agreed to underwrite the cost of a May 4 and 5 benefit concert, allowing EnableUtah to plow all proceeds back into its damaged shredder building.

A silent auction by the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce at EnableUtah raised about $1,500 for the agency. But perhaps more important, the event allowed EnableUtah to share its story.

“Our best outcome is several business owners have said they are not sure what we do,” Hutchinson said. “They said ‘We want to employ people with disabilities.’”

EnableUtah can help. They run a shredding business, a janitorial company, and contracts for a number of assembly jobs — everything from window motor components to boxing and taping.

But that’s one of the challenges created by the fire. Because it forced EnableUtah to focus on restarting the shredding program, other parts of its business suffered.

“We’re employing individuals with disabilities,” Hutchinson said. “But we’re not able to employ more.”

Contribute to EnableUtah. Attend its benefit concert.

Because the sooner EnableUtah is back in business, the sooner it can begin expanding its workforce.

And that’s good for everybody — especially the disabled workers at EnableUtah.

Benefit concerts

The Bar J Wranglers will play two concerts, May 4 and 5, to benefit EnableUtah. Tickets are available at EnableUtah’s main campus, 2640 Industrial Drive in Ogden.

You can also purchase tickets by calling 801-621-6595 or visiting the Eventbrite website.

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