Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Monday , August 07, 2017 - 4:30 AM1 comment


The Standard-Examiner Editorial Board hashes out the positions we take on the Opinion page. Here’s what members recommended last week for praise and criticism.

THUMBS UP: To Judge Scott Hadley, who just retired after 14 years in the Second District Court of Weber County.

Being a judge is a prestigious but largely a thankless job. Hadley is leaving his post somehow unburdened with cynicism and his sense of humanity still in tact. 

“A lot of times you look at (a defendant) and you just think how easy it would be for our roles to be reversed,” Hadley told Standard-Examiner reporter Nadia Pflaum. 

That’s no simple mental feat, when day in and day out, you cross paths with some of Weber County’s worst or most misguided people. 

He’s heading into a retirement well-deserved and leaving behind a legacy well-earned. 

THUMBS UP: to the organizations that participated in National Night Out on Aug. 2. 

Among many, the cities of Clearfield and Ogden held community events either sponsored by or in partnership with the corresponding police departments. 

National Night Out started in 1984 as a way for community watch groups, police and other public safety activists to come together, network and meet the neighbors. 

From the National Night Out website: “Today, thirty eight million neighbors in sixteen thousand communities across the nation take part in National Night Out.”

It’s great that Northern Utah communities can be counted among them.

THUMBS DOWN: to U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop, whose recent proposal to cut red tape for outdoor recreation businesses is too little, too late. 

Bishop was (and still is) one of the most vocal proponents of putting federal land under state management. The move was a major catalyst in driving the Outdoor Retail Show from Salt Lake City to Denver, Colorado, effectively robbing Utah of $20-$25 million in economic impact for each show — that’s $40 million to $50 million each year. 

True, Bishop’s recent proposal has the approval of the Outdoor Alliance and the Outdoor Industry Association. But it’s hard to clap him on the back when considering what benefit this bill plus a continuing partnership with the Outdoor Retail Show could have done for the state. 

THUMBS DOWN: to the opportunistic scammers who created a fake memorial fund after Perry Huffaker, a dedicated Ogden City employee, and his wife Sarah died in a plane crash two weeks ago. 

The couple leaves behind four kids and a whole lot of heartache in all those they touched.

Area law enforcement took to Facebook Saturday morning to warn the public not to contribute to a GoFundMe page (which has since been deactivated) because it was set up for fraudulent purposes. Fortunately, it appears the fraudsters only raised $35. But it needs to be said — it’s hard to get lower than stealing money in the name of helping kids who’ve just lost their parents. 

If you want to make sure your donation benefits the Huffakers, there is a fund set up with America First Credit Union. Contact the Ogden Police Department at 801-395-8221 to make sure you’re donating to the right place. 

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