Family fears foul play in missing son's case

Wednesday , May 14, 2014 - 8:17 AM

Standard-Examiner staff

NORTH OGDEN — Police from two agencies say it is too soon to tell whether foul play is a factor in the missing person case of 25-year-old Joshua Easley, the North Ogden man who hasn't been seen or heard from for more than three weeks. However, Easley’s family say they feel nervous that is the case.

Easley’s parents last heard from him on April 21, and his car was found in front of a North Ogden home the next day, they say. His car was out of gas and his keys were found behind the car.

Easley has bounced back and forth between northern Utah and the St. George area, where he was living just a month before falling off the map.

“He has been listed as a missing person,” St. George Police Sgt. Sam Despain confirmed with the Standard-Examiner. “The case is open and active and we have a detective currently working on it.”

Despain said no positive indication of foul play has been given, though investigators haven’t ruled it out.

Is Easley’s family worried something ominous may have happened to him?

"Yeah, we are,“ said his father, David Martin. ”He doesn’t have his car or his cell phone ... and he never went more than two days without talking to his mom. He knew he could always call us.“

St. George and North Ogden police are working together to locate Easley. North Ogden police have been searching areas east of the city.

”We've been searching the foothills,“ said North Ogden Police Detective Paul Rhoades. ”We haven't found anything suspicious.“

Rhoades added ”it’s too soon to tell“ whether Easley was the victim of foul play.

”It is a possibility that he just walked away,“ Rhoades said. 

Witnesses told North Ogden police they saw Easley leaving his vehicle close to where it was found, Rhoades said, but the information hasn’t significantly impacted the case thus far.

Over the weekend, volunteers also searched the hilly area just east of 3750 N. Lakeview Drive looking for clues. Nothing was found in that search. 

Easley’s family has also began a Facebook page to garner awareness about his missing status. Their page had received 554 ”likes“ as of Tuesday evening.

"I just want to find out anything I can about him,” Martin said.

Those with information related to the case are asked to call St. George police at 435-627-4380, North Ogden police at 801-782-7219 or Easley’s father at 801-814-1971.

Contact reporter Ben Lockhart at 801-625-4221 or Follow him on Twitter at @SE_Lockhart. 

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