Teens arrested in Centerville graffiti spree

Thursday , May 15, 2014 - 2:53 PM

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CENTERVILLE--- Police arrested two 14-year-olds who they said spray painted businesses in the area....

CENTERVILLE --- Two 14-year-olds spray-painted almost every business along Pages Lane in Centerville, as well as city property, vehicles and utilities in Woods Cross and Bountiful, police said.

Centerville police arrested the two, a boy and a girl, Wednesday evening after they received a shoplifting report happening at Walmart. 

"A male and a female were caught stealing a significant amount of spray cans,“ said Assistant Police Chief Paul Child. 

The two teenagers admitted to the graffiti that had been popping up in the three cities. The teenage girl had recently been charged with criminal mischief by Centerville police in a separate graffiti case in a school bathroom. 

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"They started at our city park, Founder’s Park, which is next door to (Centerville) City Hall, and worked their way south,” Child said. 

Police received numerous calls over the past three days of graffiti at businesses and buildings owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as from other businesses along Page’s Lane. 

“Founder’s Park was severely hit and required two employees working all day to clean it up, but the bathroom will need to be repainted,” Child said.

Additionally, a bathroom in Centerville Junior High, a home, three vehicles and a camp trailer were “tagged” with spray paint. Child said. 

The majority of the graffiti happened on Tuesday afternoon. The estimated amount in damage is in the thousands of dollars, he said.

The juveniles told police they were “tagging their territory,” Child said. 

The juveniles have been referred to the 2nd District Juvenile Court. 

Anyone who has been recently victimized with graffiti in the south end of Davis County should contact their local police department if not already reported, Child said. 

Centerville’s police department phone number is 801-292-8441. 

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