Woman airlifted after ATV crash near Pineview Reservoir

Sunday , August 10, 2014 - 1:35 AM


EDEN — A woman suffered several injuries Saturday in an ATV crash on a mountain trail northwest of Pineview Reservoir.

The 54-year-old woman and her husband were riding on a trail close to Nordic Valley Road, police say, when the ATV they were riding tipped backward. She suffered injuries to her head, back and ribs as the vehicle landed on her, Weber County Sheriff's Sgt. Dave Creager told the Standard-Examiner. She also suffered internal injuries, Creager said.

"I don't believe (the woman's injures) are life threatening, but she did get banged up pretty good," he added.

The couple, from the Eden area, were reportedly together on an ATV designed for only one person. Neither were wearing helmets when the vehicle tipped, Creager said. The husband, 55, was not injured.

The mountainous trail added to the risk of injury on an ATV, according to Creager.

"It was a pretty steep trail with a pretty good incline," he said. "It was steep terrain."

The trail was also narrow and inaccessible to most vehicles, prompting rescue workers to airlift the woman out out of the area. A rescue effort by ground would have easily taken two hours, Creager said, and crews were concerned about the area getting too dark.

The woman is being treated at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden.

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