Video of Ogden police officer-involved shooting released Friday

Friday , March 17, 2017 - 6:13 PM6 comments

Standard-Examiner Staff

Editor’s note: The video of Ogden police officers fatally shooting a man is included in this reporting because, though the content is graphic, it establishes what happened during the event. The Standard-Examiner typically avoids graphic content if possible but exceptions are made when the case is of vital public interest.

OGDEN — The city of Ogden has released body camera and security camera footage from a Feb. 21 fatal shooting involving Ogden police officers. 

Three videos, released after public information requests made by the media, show officers chasing Bartolo Justice Sambrano, 25, down an alley between Costa Vida at the Junction and the parking garage at 313 E. 23rd. St. in downtown Ogden.

Footage shows the point when Sambrano stopped running, turned and pointed a handgun at officers. One officer fired nine times and Sambrano drops to the ground. Per department protocol, officers cuffed his wrists and checked for a pulse. The provided footage ends shortly after that. 

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The videos provided include recordings from two body cameras and security camera footage from the parking garage. 

The incident began when a patrolling Ogden police officer (who was not involved in the shooting) reported he saw two men “prowling” vehicles in the parking garage. The officer tried to question them but they ran, according to previous reports. The officer radioed for more backup. The shooting happened a short time later, though it was unclear Friday how much time passed between initial contact and the shooting.

The videos were edited to redact the faces of everyone involved, a license plate of a truck in the parking garage and most of the audio. There is no audio available on the security camera footage. 

The Standard-Examiner has appealed to the city of Ogden to get the unedited footage. The Standard also requested any recordings of the officers who intially approached the men. Those records don’t exist, according to city officials.

“No dash-camera footage from the officers involved in the shooting exists, nor body-camera footage or dash-cam footage from the initial contact between officers and the suspect,” Chief Deputy City Attorney Mara Brown said in a letter to the Standard-Examiner 

The officers’ body camera footage is not being included because it is significantly more graphic and does not provide any more meaningful detail that the surveillance footage does not show. The footage falls under Utah’s open records laws so those who want access to the other videos can request copies directly from the Ogden Police Department.

WARNING: The video shows the fatal shooting of Sambrano. We strongly encourage viewer discretion.


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