South Salt Lake caps mulch pile size after 2 fires

Thursday , July 17, 2014 - 12:04 PM

The Associated Press

SOUTH SALT LAKE — South Salt Lake councilmembers are limiting the size of compost piles after a business’ massive mulch heap spontaneously combusted twice.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports ( ) the council voted 5-0 on Wednesday for the new rules, which cap the piles at 20 feet high, 150 feet wide and 170 feet long. The heaps must be at least 76 feet away from a property line.

The move comes a week after a giant compost pile caught fire last week, damaged two buildings and sent a firefighter to the hospital. Fire crews say the mound of grass, leaves and tree branches at Diamond Tree Experts was about 50 or 60 feet deep when it burst into flames.

Spontaneous combustion was also blamed for another fire at the same location on July 3.

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