Republican Primary Candidates for Davis County Commissioner Seat A

Wednesday , June 20, 2018 - 5:00 AM

Matilyn Mortensen, Special to the Standard-Examiner

Name: Brian Muir

Ballot path: Caucus Convention

Contact information: 801-292-5444;

Occupation: President of The James Madison Group, a local government consulting firm

Age: 56

Social media/website:,

Offices previously held/sought: Elected North Salt Lake City Council/mayor pro tem 2002 to 2006; Ran for Davis County Commission seat A in 2014, went to primary

Why run: I’m concerned, just as I was four years ago, that we continue to lag behind other counties in economic development and that we haven’t planned well enough for rapid growth. Concerned that property taxes were raised 23.4 percent. We need to be better as a county organization at doing the right things (effectiveness) and doing things right (efficiency). I hope to take my expertise helping over 200 counties and cities in Utah and across the country to help Davis County plan our future smarter countywide and climb higher as an organization in reaching our goals.

Key issues:

1. We need to be more proactive about involving more stakeholders in designing then implementing a smarter, bolder strategic plan to grow our local economy and strengthen the community.

2. We need to climb higher in our efforts to make Davis County government more effective, efficient, and unified; creating a stronger culture of process improvements.

3. When faced with difficult decisions about finance, budgeting and other areas, we need to let data, reasons and principles guide us.

4. We need to prepare better at retaining and engaging our multi-generational workforce. As the baby boomers continue to retire, we need to transfer institutional memory, technical expertise, and leader skills to the Gen Xers and millennials. FYI, millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce in 7.5 years and they will play a great role in our future.


Name: Bob J. Stevenson  

Ballot path: Signatures and Caucus Convention

Contact information: 801-725-0999;

Occupation: Layton City mayor

Social media/website:

Offices previously held/sought: Layton City Council, Layton City mayor

Why run: As Davis County becomes more urban, the philosophies in county government must change to keep our wonderful county ahead of the curve. The experience gained as mayor of Layton City gives me a perspective that none of the other candidates can have. We have seen property taxes raised at the county level, yet we lowered property taxes two years in a row in Layton. In Layton we do not accept doing things the way they have always been done, but look to find new more efficient and effective ways to improve the community. I want to take this experience and knowledge to the county level.

Key issues:

Leadership: Harmonious relationships within the organization creates an efficiency that will carry over to all aspects of county government.

Growth: In the next decade we will see an impact in growth that will effect every aspect of our county. We must prepare for this growth in areas such as transportation, jobs, education, public safety and housing if we are to properly manage the future.

Taxation: We cannot continue to simply raise taxes to resolve fiscal shortfalls as in the past. Working smarter, more efficient, and gaining more effective results along with planning for future shortfalls will give us the ability to not only hold taxes in line but to work towards bringing levels down.

Matilyn Mortensen can be reached at Follow her on Twitter at @MatilynKay.

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