Busted bikes get a boost

Thursday , June 12, 2014 - 10:25 AM

OGDEN — Cyclists no longer need to be deterred by road bumps thanks to new repair stations scattered throughout Ogden City.

The city finished installing the six bright green Dero-brand “Fixit” stations on Thursday, May 29 at popular trail sites. They include a pump, basic repair tools, a stand and even a QR code rookies can scan with their smartphones to get repair tutorials. 

Stations are located at the mouth of Ogden Canyon, at the Big Dee Sports Park, along the Weber River Parkway at Washington Boulevard, at the 21st Street Pond, at the 24th Street Kayak Park and on the downtown municipal block near the Ogden Municipal Gardens concession stand. 

Funding for the stations came from Weber County’s R.A.M.P. program, Quality Bike Products and from the City of Ogden.

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