Fundraiser to benefit Jeff Lowe

Tuesday , June 17, 2014 - 3:56 PM

Contributed to the Standard-Examiner

BOULDER, Colo. — Join together to help support climbing legend an Ogden native Jeff Lowe with an evening of films, friends, music, memories and sneak peaks.

Scheduled for Tuesday, June 24 at p.m., the event will feature other prominent climbers joining to pay tribute to Lowe, excerpts from climbing films “Cloudwalker,” “Trango Tower,” and clips from the first World Cup Climbing Championships held in the U.S. at Snowbird. The fundraiser will also have a screening of new scenes from the upcoming documentary, “Metanoia,” which reflects on Lowe’s life and accomplishments.

Born and raised in Ogden, Lowe became an influential pioneer in modern mountaineering, ice climbing and mixed rock and ice climbing. Doctors diagnosed Lowe with a mysterious neurodegenerative disorder in 2001. It has slowly reduced his mobility over time, and he now requires constant care. 

All proceeds from the fundraiser will help support Lowe’s home care needs.

Tickets for the fundraiser are available online at for $15 or $20 at the door. To make a tax deductible donation, visit 

More information about Lowe, “Metanoia” and the fundraiser is available at

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