Biking enthusiast? Here are a few places to hit the trails in Northern Utah

Monday , April 24, 2017 - 5:00 AM1 comment

JACOB SCHOLL, Standard-Examiner Staff

OGDEN — Snow is melting, spring is here and paths will soon be dry. Mountain bikers will soon be hitting the trails and exploring many of the areas the Wasatch Front has to offer. 

The Ogden area has many different trails that are perfect for mountain bikers. Whether you’re new to the area or want to get more familiar with the biking scene, you’ll be able to find a trail that fits your style.

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Before you head out, remember the basic etiquette while biking on the trails. Always control your speed, especially while riding downhill on trails that may also have hikers. Be sure to call out whenever you are passing anyone, hiker or biker. Avoid muddy trails as much as possible; biking through mud creates ruts and makes the trail harder for others to use. 

Without further ado, here are a few local trails that are perfect for all skill levels of mountain biking. 

Antelope Island

The island offers almost 20 miles of trails open to bikers, hikers and horseback riders. The combination of paved paths and backcountry trails make it a detestation for anyone from casual bicyclists to experienced mountain bikers.

The island’s wildlife and scenery of the Great Salt Lake gives riders plenty of sights to see during their ride. Distances will vary depending on the route or trail you take.

Difficulty: Beginner to advanced

Wheeler Creek Trail

The Wheeler Creek route is a popular trail near Ogden. Riders will find the trailhead on the right side of Canyon Road just as the road begins to climb toward Pineview Reservoir.

The first leg of this trail includes an old dirt road for about 1.8 miles before splitting off into a single-track path through thick trees and meadows for 3.2 miles. The first leg can be used starting by late April, and the second leg trail is normally clear of snow by June. 

The main trail ends at the Maples Trailhead near Maples Campground, but there are many options to extend your ride. The Maples Loop is trail for more experienced riders that elevates and loops through Snowbasin, and the East Fork Loop is shorter offshoot with a smaller incline. 

Difficulty: Beginner to advanced (depending on the trail you take)

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Bonneville Shoreline Trail

This trail is sure to have stretches of biking trail for any skill set of rider. The stretch between the 29th and 36th streets is flat and easygoing, perfect for new bikers or little ones. The rest of the trail is full of side trails of all difficulties.

Whether you want to do a quick 6 mile ride or a 20 mile out-and-back route, this easily accessible trail has something for everyone. 

Difficulty: Beginner to advanced (depending on the trail you take)

Sardine Peak Loop

This loop includes an incline of roughly 1,500 feet but is well worth the climb when it comes to the views.

Starting at Snowbasin, the first 2.5 miles is a climb that heads toward Sardine Peak. If you’re looking for an incredible view of the valley below, an extra half-mile trail will lead you to the Coldwater Overlook. 

After a slightly rocky patch, you’ll eventually see Sardine Peak, and then a great view of Pineview Reservoir. As you descend, the trail merges with the Maples Trail and leads you back to where you started. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Mueller Park Trail

This well-known trail starts in Mueller Park near Bountiful and is very popular for both hikers and mountain bikers. This route consists of either a 7-mile round-trip route with a 900-foot climb to Elephant Rock or a 13-mile loop with North Canyon as a descent or climb. 

Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced

Northern Skyline Trail

With multiple trails and difficult climbs, this trail is sure to test any rider. The path includes a 2,600-foot climb over 6.5 miles, which is just one option.

Riders can also take a 20 mile loop, which includes a brutal 1,000-foot climb before reaching a paved road near the end of the loop. This route has many different routes and awesome views, as long as you have the ability to power through it. 

Difficulty: Advanced

Have a favorite trail to bike that we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments below. 

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