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Thursday , August 21, 2014 - 11:45 AM

Standard-Examiner contributor

Do you know any “rainmakers”? A positive connotation for a salesperson who regularly brings in new clients, the biggest deals and highest revenues, rainmakers are desired in every firm, big and small.

Growth equity firm Mercato Partners is creating a first-of-its-kind recognition event in Utah for salesmen and saleswomen who are known to make it rain. Known as RevGen14, Mercato will honor salespersons, along with marketing professionals who drive revenue for their organizations.

Various Utah and national organizations have done a terrific job honoring entrepreneurs and C-level executives. These leaders are all worthy candidates and bring great value to our state and economy. Often forgotten are the individuals who help these great companies achieve their revenue targets, and this is where the RevGen14 event makes their voices heard.

Ten local men and women will be selected and recognized at the event, and I would ask you to consider nominating an individual (up to 10) for making a significant impact on his or her organization. Nominations can come from peers, company leadership, customers, suppliers or anyone who sees the contribution of these professionals.

You likely know individuals who are responsible for generating revenue in B2B and B2C companies who meet one of the following descriptions: a leader of the revenue-producing team in their company in either sales or marketing (such as VP Marketing, VP of Sales, CMO, CSO, CRO or CEO in smaller organizations) or they may be the top producer in their organization and not necessarily in management (such as an Account Manager or Salesperson).

Those you nominate should have ties to Utah, but do not need to presently live in the state. You can also nominate professionals across all industries, regardless of company size. If you’re that good, you should nominate yourself, peers, even professionals from companies you admire.

Following your nominations, candidates will be notified via email, but will not be told who has nominated them. All nominees will have a chance to opt in, or out, of the selection process. Nominees who opt in will engage in a two-part selection process, overseen by the RevGen selection judges. Winners will be announced at the RevGen14 Summit event scheduled for late October.

At the Sales Center we value the opportunity to highlight professional salesmen and saleswomen. Please take the opportunity nominate, share the event details and honor the “rainmakers” of industry. Visit to make your nominations.

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Aaron Hall serves as the Executive Director at the WSU Alan E. Hall Sales Center and is a member of the Faculty in the Professional Sales Department

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