WSU quarterbacks fight for the job, learn from each other

Tuesday , August 05, 2014 - 5:26 PM

OGDEN -- The big question looming around Weber State’s football camp is who will be the starting quarterback. While Jadrian Clark is currently the frontrunner, a decision has yet to be made.

“Right now Jadrian (Clark) is the starter, but it could change, it’s a long camp,” said offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Steve Clark. “We’re not naming one right now, but he’s in the lead right now. I think Billy (Green)’s really close, and I think those two will battle it out all through camp.”

Coach Clark went on to say that Jadrian was the starting quarterback after his work during spring camp. While he needs to cut down on his turnovers, Jadrian’s knowledge, arm, and accuracy are the reasons why he’s currently leading for the job position. In addition, all of the quarterbacks, with the exception of Chad Leckington, are brand new to the program.

“I get along with all the guys, they’re really good,” said Jadrian of the chemistry between the quarterbacks. “We help each other out and we work together. It’s all about positivity. We’re trying to build each other up.”

With the departure of anticipated starting quarterback Austin Chipoletti, Jadrian recognized that while it was hard to see a friend leave, the team would have to look forward.

“Nobody wants to see your brother leave the program, but at the same time, if he wants to leave, then we’ll have to move on without him and go from there,” said Jadrian. “When he left it made me the starter going into camp, so my goal is to hold on to that.”

Between Jadrian Clark, Billy Green, Chad Leckington, and RIley Bradshaw, there is a mutual feeling of comradery between the quarterbacks, and an understanding that they’re bringing out the best in one another.

“It’s a good group of guys that we’re always competing and bringing out the best in each other,” explained Bradshaw. “If you know the job’s not yours, you’re not going to be complacent -- you know there’s always somebody behind you. It’s anyone’s job, so everyone’s fighting and fighting everyday.”

The true freshman quarterback is feeling the growing pains of learning a new system, but is optimistic about the future.

“In high school it was mostly all the guns, spread style. It’s a little different here,” said Bradshaw. “I’m enjoying it, it’s a lot of learning. I’m starting to catch on day by day getting better and better.”

BYU transfer Billy Green says that he still has a lot to learn as well.

“I had a pretty good day, I’m still learning things,” said Green. “It’s the second day of practice, we’re still learning and I’m kind of having to think too much, but (I’m) getting the hang of it and it’s coming along.”

The highlight of the day, however, came from Chad Leckington throwing a deep touchdown pass towards the end of a scrimmage.

“It felt great, man,” said Leckington of his pass. “It’s exciting, I love all the guys.”

Leckington went on to say that competing for the quarterback position isn’t like it was in high school.

“It’s nothing like high school,” said Leckington. “In high school you had the job, and now you have to compete and you have to play great every day and every practice.”

That wasn’t the case for Jadrian Clark.

“In high school there was competition to get the starting job,” said Jadrian. “So I think competition brings the best out of me and the other guys so I think it’s great for all of us.”

While there is no timetable set for naming the starting quarterback, Coach Clark says when the timing is good, they’ll be ready.

“It will happen when there’s a clear cut number one, and that’s not happened yet,” said Clark.

The ultimate decision will be up to first time head coach Jay Hill after he collaborates with his staff.

The season starts for the Wildcats on August 28 against Arizona State in Phoenix.

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