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Royally thrilled: James Hajek is K.C. crazy

James Hajek

There was a time when not knowing was as simple as not looking. Those days are long gone, just ask Weber State center James Hajek. A lifelong Kansas City Royals fan, Hajek wasn’t able to...

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'Cats' stats just aren't good enough to win

Fair warning, folks. You’re about to read a statistic. More than one, probably. Look, I’ll be honest. As a guy who gets to write about sports for a...

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U.'s Kendal Thompson throws off stereotypes

Kendal Thompson’s eyes are up, doing what they do. Watching, looking, scanning … seeing. The University of Utah quarterback, who may or may not be the...

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Bad coaches, parents equal bad attitudes in youth sports

Dale Murphy admits he hasn’t always been the perfect parent or, for that matter, the most congenial coach. But the two-time former National League MVP and...

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Nick Vigil is an Aggie beast; his performance was overshadowed

What Nick Vigil did last Friday got buried behind at least three other stories and that’s unfortunate. The former Fremont High School star turned out a truly...

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Marriage equality now the law of the land

Technically, it’s not over. But we all know it’s over. “It”? The whole dustup over same-sex marriage in Utah. The U.S. Supreme Court...

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Dreams come true for latest Jazz "rookie"

JP Gibson’s smile lit up the room and when he sat at the podium he made a little gesture as if to say, “Here I am.” And there he was, melting...

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English takes a beating at LDS general conference

That whole “Speak English Dammit!” crowd has got to be fairly apoplectic by now. In yet another example of the gradual eroding of the divinely inspired...

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Go ahead, jump off the bandwagon; Cougars won't ask 'Now what?'

Now what? Quite naturally, that’s a question BYU fans are asking themselves today in the wake of Friday night’s 35-20 loss to Utah State in Provo. But...

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Here it is: The official award for worst family ever

Do you ever have one of those fleeting moments where, just for an instant, you worry that maybe yours is the worst family to have ever shared the same last name?...

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McMahon's leadership earned him a push in the right direction

It must’ve been magical, the sort of thing that could make your pulse quicken and your nerve endings rise up. To be in the huddle and hear Jim McMahon call a...

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