From writing to snapping photos, there's a place for you on the TX. staff

Monday , June 23, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Standard-Examiner staff

Is the latest fashion trend driving you nuts or do you have the urge to tell everyone how great that movie was you saw last night?

Maybe it’s time to think about writing for TX., a section where teenagers can share their best experiences, extreme frustations or the everyday trials and turmoil of high school life with the readers of the Standard-Examiner.

We’re looking for teens to be part of our TX. staff for the 2014-2015 school year. We need students who can write stories, take photographs or shoot videos, and draw illustrations for our Monday section in print and online.

Whether it’s the weekend’s top concert or your philosophy on dealing with hunger in the United States, here’s your chance to express yourself to an audience of thousands. If you are interested in joining TX., this is what you need to know about turning in an application.

All TX. staffers must be

• Sophomores, juniors or seniors, ages 15-18.

• Residents of Davis, Weber, Box Elder or Morgan counties.

• Able to attend staff meetings at the Standard-Examiner at 4 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month.

• Able to meet deadlines.


Every applicant must send:

1. Name, address, phone number, email address, high school, age and grade attending this fall.

2. An essay, in 200 to 400 words, explaining why you want to do the job. Tell us why you’ll be the best-ever photographer, writer or illustrator.

3. A statement from your parent(s) or guardian for permission to work for TX. (if you are under 18).

Also, please send these additional items for the type of work you are interested in. You may apply for more than one position.


1. One sample TX. article — a new, original story that you’d like to write for the section. It can be a feature story, opinion column, movie or CD review, concert review or any topic that you think teens would like to read about.

2. One more sample of your writing. This can be a second TX. sample story, or an article from a school newspaper or a school writing assignment from any class. DO NOT send poetry.

3. Three ideas of topics or events that you could possibly write about or cover during the coming year.

Note: Sophomores begin as interviewers, collecting quotes and comments from local teens so that TX. can cover as many schools as possible. They may also write their own TX. articles.


Applicants should send six (6) photo samples with their applications, either print or digital photos (which will not be returned). If you have experience shooting video, or would like to try creating video content for TX., tell us about your qualifications or interest in that as well.

You may also be asked to come in for a personal interview, in which case you should plan to bring in a portfolio of your work and your camera equipment (digital cameras are preferred). We will call to set up an interview if it is necessary.


1. Send two (2) color samples of your work (samples will not be returned) with applications. Teen-oriented illustrations will catch our attention. Finalists will be notified by phone and may be asked to do a sample assignment or come in for an interview with a portfolio of their work.

All work created for the TX. section is voluntary. Please mail your application and other items specified to:

TX. — Becky Cairns


332 S. Standard Way

P.O. Box 12790

Ogden, UT 84412-2790

Applications must be postmarked or turned in at our office by July 16. Students who are selected will begin attending staff meetings on September 17.

For more information, email or, or call editor Becky Cairns at 801-625-4276.

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