Trending with TX: bites of chocolate bliss, aerial silks and sporty sandals

Monday , June 23, 2014 - 12:00 AM

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One of life’s simple pleasures is discovering a great new candy to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A tasty chocolate find is one of the topics of our latest installment of Trending With TX., along with learning how to “fly” via aerial silks and wearing the latest craze in summer sandals.

Can’t eat just one

This summer, I got a job at Smith and Edwards Co. in one of the busier departments — the candy section. Working around candy all day definitely makes you want to try some of it.

Of course, I was already familiar with the more common candies like Snickers bars, Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers, but there were others that I had never tried before. One that particularly caught my attention, one of the more popular items at the Farr West store, was the Cow Tales, made by the Goetze company.

The chocolate kind looked the best, so I decided to sample that one. When I took the first bite, I immediately tasted the wonderful mix of chocolate-coated outside layer with the delicious creamy inside. The bites that followed were just as satisfying.

The Cow Tales ended up being even better than I expected. After finally experiencing their amazing taste, it was easy to see why they were so particularly popular at Smith and Edwards. The first of these Cow Tales made me want to go back for another — or for a whole box.

— Brigham Flint, Fremont High

Silks offer ‘wings’

Being suspended 50 feet off the ground by a long strip of nylon fabric is the new trending thing. Aerial silks make it possible for those who aren’t Superman to know what it’s like to be 50 feet off the ground.

This art form, started by Andre Simard, a acrobatic research and development specialist for Cirque du Soleil, brings gymnastics to a whole new level.

Simard wanted to focus on performance storytelling through the body and not through facial expressions. His solution was to create the aerial silks. A performer in the silks can wrap, fall, spiral, swing and do many other things with just the fabric, making it easier to focus on the storytelling.

In the last few years, aerial silks have transformed into a everyday pastime and hobby instead of a performance art that only trained acrobatics can do. It’s a wonderful way to stay in shape and more interesting than going to the gym. Make sure you do not attempt silks on your own and you have a experienced instructor.

Try aerial silks and defy gravity.

— Sierra Bruggink, Weber High

Trendy footwear

It seems that if you walk around the mall or any other public place frequented by teenagers, at least 80 percent of girls and even a few middle-aged men are wearing “Jesus sandals.”

The outrageously popular footwear has come into style over the past few months and is now appearing everywhere. The sandals are typically made of leather (or at least something that looks vaguely like it) and feature two or three straps across the foot. The shoes tend to have thicker and more supportive soles than other summer footwear, and they seem extremely comfortable and fashionable.

Although I don’t have a pair yet, I am hoping to get some in the near future.

— Elle Gossner, Weber High

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