Dressing to impress doesn't have to mean baring skin

Friday , August 01, 2014 - 12:00 AM

TX. Correspondent

Instant regret. This is the feeling you get when asking a woman when she is due and she is not pregnant. Or when you are splitting wood blocks with an ax and split your shin instead.

The feeling of regret is quite powerful and makes you want to turn back time to avoid the incident. This is also a feeling that should be felt in the hearts of all those girls walking out of their doors dressed as if they’re ready to work in the world’s oldest profession.

Do they feel ashamed, as they should? No. The media has painted a clear picture of what is accepted and what is not. Short skirts, low-cut blouses, bikinis, tube tops, leggings and more. (If leggings were pants they’d be called pants! Duh.) The whole thing disgusts me. What is even more disgusting is the parents allowing these girls to dress this way. Why? Because Mommy dresses the same way.

Over and over I have talked with girls dressed scandalously. They talk about meeting a nice guy, unlike the jerks who hang around them (go figure), who would treat them like a princess. Every single time I hear these girls say that I always get the irresistible urge to laugh in their face.

NEWS FLASH! Nice guys look for nice girls. I know, I know, what a ridiculous concept, right? Wrong. Some of you may be offended by now, which is a good thing. Clearly, you know the way you dress is a problem. The first step is acknowledgment!

Princeton University did a study of some male students. Essentially, researchers took pictures of the brains of these students after showing them pictures of women in bikinis. The part of the brain associated with empathy toward another person’s emotions and wishes shut down. However, the part of the brain for the anticipation of using tools turned on. That means these boys do not see you as more attractive because you’re practically naked; they don’t even view you as a human being with thoughts and feelings.

Wise up, girls. Less skin is not more attraction. It certainly doesn’t attract the nice guys, only the pigs. I absolutely hate it when I hear girls say, “It’s my body; I can do what I want” or, “If you don’t like it, don’t look.” These are some of the lamest excuses I have ever heard.

Think of it this way. You cannot possibly get mad at someone for going through your Facebook pictures. If you didn’t want them looked at, you shouldn’t have posted them online. Once it’s out there, it’s out there forever, and the same is true with our clothing choices.

If these girls, and sadly women, had enough self-respect, they would have their Prince Charmings. Unfortunately, they don’t. They don’t care who sees their skin and thinks disgusting thoughts about them. They don’t understand that nice guys don’t want girls who don’t act like they should.

How in the world you do you expect a guy to treat you like royalty when you act and dress like dirt? Princes are not found in mud puddles and dirty buildings. They’re found in nice buildings with nice girls who respect themselves enough to cover up. Save it for when you find your nice guy! Everybody and their dog does not need, nor do they want, to see you flaunting what your Momma gave you. Keep your skirts not too short, your shirts high and respect yourself.

P.S. Boys! Tell girls what’s up and that you don’t like it when they dress like that. You’d be surprised how many girls would stop dressing like harlots if they knew you didn’t like it.

Girls, do you still want to wear as little clothing as possible? Well then, save it for nightclubs and street corners because the general public doesn’t appreciate it.

Taylor Deem is a recent graduate of Fremont High School. Email her at unicorndolphins@hotmail.com.

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