Enjoy dinner and a movie all in one place, at Ogden's MovieGrille

Saturday , August 02, 2014 - 12:00 AM

TX. Correspondent

Oh dear. Date night is tonight and work went later than planned. Now there is no way to get dinner and a movie and be home at a reasonable time ... or is there?

The answer is none other than MovieGrille. Located at 2293 Grant Ave., in Ogden, MovieGrille gives a new definition to dining out.

The host/hostess doesn’t take guests to a table, but into a theater with regular seats or reserved recliners. The hours are just like a theater; people arrive according to the time a movie is showing. With MovieGrille showing new releases, as well as old classics on Mondays, there is always something for everyone.

Before the movie begins, customers have a chance to look through menus and place orders. The menu consists of appetizers, sandwiches and paninis, flat bread pizza, salads, desserts, drinks, a kid’s menu and concessions. The simple dinners make eating in the dark theater easy as well. Of course, eating ribs or spaghetti wouldn’t be too fun with the lights out but these easy hand-held entrees are convenient. There is no accidentally squirting ketchup in the wrong spot, or even spilling your drink, because there are drink holders.

After orders are given to the server, the movie will begin and the meals will be brought out and placed on a tray hooked onto the chairs.

Oh, did I mention they have Free Movie Monday night? That’s right. MovieGrille shows old classics on Monday nights for free while still serving dinner. I personally went to Free Movie Monday with some friends. This was my first time at MovieGrille and it was one of the best ways to have a night out.

Our server was exceptionally friendly, the recliner chairs were so big that I could probably have fit another 18-year-old on with me, and my friends and I enjoyed the Tom Hanks movie, “Big.” My meal was delicious as well. The simple meals fit the environment nicely. I had the Chicken Pesto Panini and savored every bite.

This restaurant is also awesome because couples looking for a date night can kill two birds with one stone and do the movie and dinner in one place during MovieGrille’s Wednesday Date Night at $20 for two people. This deal includes the movie and the meal.

MovieGrille isn’t just a place for a date though. As I mentioned, I came here for a night out with my friends. I did see couples there but I also saw families and mothers taking their kids out for a fun dinner experience.

When I first visited, I was expecting to pay a lot more for dinner than I actually did. Of course, I went to Free Movie Monday so I didn’t pay for the movie. All the entrées range from $8-$10. Movie tickets are $6 for a regular adult, $5 for a child, and $5.25 for military, police, city worker or student discount.

A grand movie, scrumptious food and a luxurious night out all for an inexpensive price, all in one place, seems too good to be true. But it is true and it is in Ogden. I have said it once and I will say it again; MovieGrille gives a new definition to dining out.

Cara Darr is a recent graduate of Weber High School. Her dream is to become a writer. Help her reach her goal by sending her feedback on her stories at neverletcarago@gmail.com.

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