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Sorry, folks, Starbucks not only game in town

Sunday , March 19, 2017 - 12:00 AM3 comments

TX. Correspondent

Once again I have wandered into the hipster abyss of what is known as a coffee shop. Studious people line the tables as they type away on their Macs and consume a lovely cup of coffee.

The exact origins of coffee are still unknown but the beverage has been traced back to the 15th century in Ethiopia. A popular legend tells of a goat herder named Kaldi whose herd was suddenly jumping around in a hyper manner after eating a strange, red plant. Kaldi soon discovered how much energy the coffee plant had and shared the effects with those around him.

This was an event that would support people in the future in waking up during cruel morning hours to actually be productive. Eventually, more and more people consumed coffee as its use spread all over the globe.

Enter Starbucks, a popular coffee joint with its mermaid logo that you can find today in almost any city. However, opinions over enjoying or not enjoying Starbucks’ coffee are a topic of debate.

Starbucks is highly in demand as the company serves about 40 million customers per week. However, for me, this praised café has more downs than it has ups.

First of all, the drinks are very expensive for how much product is actually given, as in a halfway-filled-with-ice-and-one-inch-worth-of-coffee cup. Not to mention that there are also many preservatives in Starbucks specialty drinks that make them less healthy.

In addition to this, the taste of Starbucks coffee is terribly bitter as is their burnt espresso. An experiment conducted in 2007 contended that McDonald's McCafé tasted better than the coffee served at the Starbucks’ franchise; you are better getting a cup of joe at your local McDonald's.

Also, the pre-packaged pastries and sandwiches at Starbucks are kept frozen and have the same diabolical prices as the coffee.

What is this madness? I am better off brewing my own coffee at home. Although ... Starbucks does share its free wifi.

Valeria Parra is a junior at Syracuse High School. Email her at

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