Seniors, seize last days of high school

Sunday , May 07, 2017 - 12:00 AM

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As the end of the school year approaches and graduation draws nigh, high school seniors often reflect on the past 13 years of their schooling. There are many things that we enjoyed and some that we didn’t. We accomplished many things throughout the years, but we never got around to doing others.

Some of us are still planning to do certain things before our time at school ends. Seniors from Northridge High School share their opinions on what they have in mind and also share some advice for next year’s high school students:

Joseph Camarena says he wishes he had “put more dedication toward education” and worked harder on getting good grades. Before the school year ends, this senior said he plans to, “Take advantage of every moment.” He said he would tell next year’s high school students to, “Follow your dreams.”

“I wish I would have joined more clubs,” Gabe Morgan said, adding that before the year ends, he would like to “party hard.” He recommends for incoming students to, “Focus on your hard high school classes your sophomore year and junior year, and relax your senior year.”

Shanndice Love advises students not to ditch any of their classes, even seminary. She explains that when teens don’t go, “They aren’t going to get that experience.” Love says that she didn’t originally consider seminary a class, but, “You should consider it a class because when you go, you receive blessings.”

Gabe Gerrish said, “I would say the biggest thing I learned in high school is not to spend too much time sitting on the bench. When I first got into high school, I was really concerned with all of the things I was doing. I didn’t want to do anything unless I was totally sure it was going to work out. As I’ve gone through high school, I’ve found that by taking risks and not being consumed in what you know is great, is how you have good experiences. It’s how you meet fantastic people, how you have really good, fun stories.”

Gerrish also suggests to incoming students, “Don’t spend too much time on your phone.”

“Definitely don’t procrastinate because that’s what has gotten me in trouble,” says Olivia Meten. She said she wishes she had done more during high school, but still plans to throw a party before graduation.

Jrew Jackson would have liked to have gone on more dates during his high school years. He tells next year’s students, “Have fun throughout your high school life. Don’t just make it all grades and homework. Get out occasionally and just have fun.”

As the writers of this article, we also have some regrets and words of advice. One regret is not making sure our schedule was OK to graduate; if it could have been rearranged with one or two classes, it might have been possible to graduate early and then still complete an associate’s degree while in high school.

As for advice, all you future high-schoolers should have more school spirit and attend all the activities like football and basketball games, as well as musical department concerts and other events. Make the most out of your high school career because it goes fast.

No matter what things students wish they would have done while still in high school, their memories will last forever and the friendships they've made will always be with them. As time goes by, graduates will grow up even more, start their own families and begin the real adventure that counts after high school.

As the class of 2017 leaves their school halls and enters into "the real world," new sophomores will enter the same exact halls that the class of 2017 entered three years ago. These new students will go through the same trials as every senior before them, and every senior after them.

We can only hope that these new students take the helpful advice these seniors have left in their footsteps so that they can create a future for themselves that will fulfill their high school dreams.

Arianna Rackham is a senior at Northridge High School. She enjoys writing and playing the violin. Contact her at Kennedy Robins is a senior at Northridge High School. She enjoys reading, writing and drawing. Contact her at

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