The TX. 10: Best starter vinyl albums

Sunday , May 07, 2017 - 12:00 AM

So you’re looking to get into some new music and start a vinyl collection. Here are the top interesting vinyl albums to start your collection with.

1. “Master of Reality” by Black Sabbath

There’s no going wrong with Ozzy Osbourne. This is the third studio album by the 1968 band and it features some of the heavy rock group’s more popular songs.

2. “The White Album” by The Beatles

This entirely white album has a ton of history along with it, intriguing audiences with lighthearted songs and then mysterious songs with theories behind them, such as “Revolution 9.” This one is better for the person who is familiar with The Beatles

3. “Pearl” by Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin had a quality to her voice that could only be described as earthy and soulful. Her second album, “Pearl,” is composed of the songs she created before her unfortunate death in 1970.

4. “Mothership” by Led Zeppelin

This blues rock and hard rock album sets itself apart from any other band. “Mothership” is the greatest hits of Led Zeppelin, handpicked and compiled by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.

5. “Undertow” by Tool

Unlike the other bands on the list, this band formed in the ’90s. The unique thing about Tool is that you can only find hard copies of their music. It’s unavailable for download in iTunes, and its use isn’t allowed on Spotify or Pandora.

6. “Queen II” by Queen

This iconic album from 1974 has other great songs by Queen that aren’t as well-known as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but are almost just as great. Almost.

7. “Electric Ladyland” by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix is arguably the best guitarist in history, which is demonstrated clearly on this album. It was his third and final studio album.

8. “Tommy” by The Who

An hour and 15 minutes long, this album is classified as a rock opera. It’s meant to be listened in order and it tells the story of a deaf, dumb and blind boy, named Tommy.

9. “The Wall” by Pink Floyd

Another rock opera, “The Wall,” explores ideals of isolation through a character based off of two band members, Syd Barret and Roger Waters. Pro tip: Just don’t listen to any Pink Floyd out of order

10. Any Journey album with Steve Perry

Every 50-year-old woman’s crush, Steve Perry made every Journey album a good Journey album. Don’t push Journey aside due to the overplayed “Don’t Stop Believing”; the band has many other even better songs.

— Binnie Green, Syracuse High

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