Trending with TX.: 'Last Jedi' trailer promises great movie

Sunday , May 07, 2017 - 12:00 AM

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Many of you have watched “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One,” but did you know that there will be a new “Star Wars” movie coming out this year?

It is named “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and is due to be released Dec. 15. “The Last Jedi” takes place after all of the other “Star Wars” films, and directly after “The Force Awakens.”

At the end of “The Force Awakens,” Rey finally meets Luke Skywalker, and the Star Killer Base is destroyed. But viewers were left with too many questions when this 2015 film ended.

We wanted to know what happened after Rey met Luke, what happened to Kylo Ren, and who on Earth — or should I say in the galaxy — are Rey's parents?

Hopefully “The Last Jedi” resolves these cliffhangers.

The trailer for the new movie, directed by Rian Johnson, came out on April 14 and already has 32,890,564 views — and counting. In the trailer you can see Luke training Rey. There are awesome space battles that “Star Wars” is famous for, and ground attacks.

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Based on what we see in the trailer, the new movie is going to be a great one. It looks like it will have excellent action scenes like “Rogue One,” but also a better story line like “The Force Awakens.”

For “Star Wars” fans, this trailer was a big deal. People had been waiting for months to get some insight into the new story. My friends and I watched it within the first hour that it came out.

And as long as it follows the trailer, “The Last Jedi” should be a great movie that many fans will enjoy. 

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