Gotta roll with school's highs, lows

Sunday , October 01, 2017 - 12:00 AM

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As teenagers, we basically use summer days to forget about school as much as possible. Who wouldn’t want to forget about the constant stress and pressure of homework, after-school activities, and everything else that does its best to torment us?

I know I feel like that a lot.

Which is why, with school now newly underway, I have decided that there are some aspects of this educational process that aren’t so bad.

Whether the start of school is appealing to you for the refreshed social life, the new clothes and school supplies, or simply because you have forgotten over the summer what it feels like to be in a constant state of insanity, there is something exciting about the first day and the first weeks back.

And, being a senior this year, I have realized that school definitely has its highs and lows, and it is up to us to embrace those highs and ferociously combat the lows.

Yes, I know it may sound crazy, but high school really can be a rewarding experience if you know what to expect and how to accept its challenges with confidence. Allow me to explain.

• The lows

It can sometimes feel like a lot is pulling you down at school, both figuratively and literally (my backpack, for example). And let’s face it, school can be hard. Having homework every night, dealing with hard teachers, maintaining friendships, trying to remember everything for tests, balancing social and family life, finding time for extracurricular activities, keeping decent grades, the list goes on and on.

And for those of you who may not be excited in the least to be waking up early again every day, I completely understand.

But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized something: For those of you who have gone to one or two or more years of high school already, just think of how much you’ve dealt with and how much you have accomplished in that time.

My sophomore year, I found out that I had no friends in any of my classes, no friends with the same lunch as me, and the hardest class schedule I had ever seen. And now, because of that experience, I have even more friends and know that I can do hard things.

You’ve had similar challenges, you still may be facing them, and the environment we are surrounded by in high school does not help.

• The Highs

But there’s good news, and it’s the most important part! Every single one of the lows mentioned above can be defeated. Not just defeated, even, but transformed into what I like to call the highs of high school.

Having to balance a busy schedule, for instance, helps you learn time management.

Lasting friendships can be made when you learn to trust others. And just think of all the opportunities that will be presented to you for your hard work.

That is why high school is so rewarding. You might not be able to make up all of the sleep you missed, but hopefully by then you will have already learned how to deal with that, too.

This year, let’s all work together toward transforming whatever lows we have pushing us down into highs that lift us up. This school year can be great! Maybe we can make every day feel like the first day, one of excitement.

Haley Bess is a senior at Morgan High School. She enjoys writing, singing and acting. Contact her at

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