Did you dive into Year of the Rainbow?

Sunday , December 24, 2017 - 12:00 AM

TX. Correspondent

With 2017 coming to a close, we all look back on the year, the trends, the politics, what we did. This time we are focusing on the trends, specifically the surge in all things rainbow.

This year has seen more rainbow themes than ever before. From shirts to drinks to hair, we decked ourselves in everything we could slap a rainbow on.

Let's explore some of the top trends that we saw in 2017.

1. Hairy trends. Probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while, this trend is probably the lesser known and least used form of the rainbow craze. But with how shocking it is, I’ve decided to add it to our list. Drum roll please ... rainbow armpits! Yes you read that correctly, rainbow armpits. Women around the world dyed their underarm hair in rainbow colors to signify feminism. I don’t see the correlation myself, do you?

2. Jazzed up locks. Another hair trend but this one is better known as folks all over the world dyed their hair with pastel rainbow colors in 2017. Some would dye it so the top of the hair looked normal but underneath the rainbow hair would peak out. This trend caught on quickly, spreading around the world, and lasting all year.

3. Drinks, drinks, drinks. Every year people find find “secret” drinks on the menu at their favorite coffee shop. Most of the time these drinks are just made up of stuff that is on the menu and put together to send baristas into a breakdown. The baristas have to memorize and know the drinks like the back of their hand, and then they get a trendy drink that someone thought up. This year saw a short trend of colorful rainbow drinks; the trend died out as folks discovered these rainbow beverages were expensive, tasted kind of gross and the rainbow effect didn’t turn out as well as the Instagram users posting on the drinks said it did.

4. Colorful duds. The most popular trend of rainbow this year was on clothes. Stores everywhere started to sell shirts printed with rainbows as well as shoes and pants alike. You actually don’t notice how much rainbow is printed on these items until you really look for it. Stores like H&M and Forever 21 are the ones who picked the clothing up the most; the most popular design seems to the the rainbow created in small lines that stretch across the chest.

Every year we get a new trend, a trend that goes out of style when another one comes to replace it. This year was the year of the rainbow; let’s see how long it lasts in 2018 — and what new trends the new year brings.

Olivia Judkins is a senior at Clearfield High School. Email her at LivvyJudkins99@gmail.com.

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